The Cheetah Combo is a popular program which combines time spent with our cheetahs on their daily time out and a guided tour of our centre to see the indigenous cats of South Africa and  other local wildlife at the centre.

Join our cheetahs either in the morning or afternoon as they head through Cape Floral Fynbos and wooded Tsitsikamma Indigenous Forest. This special time in their extended territory forms part of their daily enrichment program. Only a few guests each day are privileged to join the cheetahs for this time out.

During the second part of the program, your guide will show you the indigenous cats of South Africa where you will learn interesting facts about each species and what is contributing to their decline in the wild. You will also gain an insight into the Wildlife Rehabilitation work that is conducted at the centre.

The program includes a beverage and light refreshments.


The Sunrise Cheetah Combo  departs at 07h30. Guests must be signed in by 07h15.

The Sunset Cheetah Combo departs at 15h00. Guests must be signed in by 14h45.

The time of this program coincides with the naturally active time of our cheetahs and is typical of natural behaviour in the wild.


The Duration is flexible depending on how far and fast the cheetahs choose to explore.

Allow 3 Hours for collection arrangements.


R890 per adult.
No persons under 16 years or 1.5 metres allowed to join this program.


Children Policy

This program is not suitable for young children. For safety reasons, children must be 16 years and older to partake in this program.  All persons must be at least 1.5 metres tall.

Infants and toddlers may not be carried in backpacks by parents during this program.

Should parents wish to do this program but their children do not meet the height or age requirement, please contact us so that we can provide you with some alternative options.

Dress Code

Parts of this program take place over some ground which can be uneven and slippery. All guests are required to wear long trousers which cover their ankles. Long dresses or stockings are not an acceptable substitute for long trousers.   Closed, sturdy walking shoes (tackies, sneakers, hiking boots are all suitable) are required.  Unfortunately a refund will not be granted  if you have arrived with unsuitable clothing and are unable to go on the program as a result.

Bags, backpacks and bulky camera bags must be locked in your vehicle or stored in one of our lockable cabinets as they are not allowed to be taken with on the program.

Only subscription sunglasses are allowed on the program.

Please consider bringing a hat or cap along for sun protection because the sun can be quite hot during summer. A light windbreaker is also good to include, especially for the afternoon as it can get quite chilly once the sun goes down.

Group Size

The average group size for this program is 8 guests.   If you would like to arrange an exclusive program, please contact us.

Fitness Policy

There is time to rest between the two parts of this program.

A reasonable degree of fitness is required to experience this program.  If you feel that you may not keep up, or suffer from any type of illness that affects your mobility or fitness, please let us know beforehand so that we can do our utmost to accommodate you.

No walking sticks are allowed on this program.

For safety reasons, pregnant woman are discouraged from taking part in this program

Difficulty - Moderate 70%

Weather Policy

The Cheetah Combo program is an all weather program.  Rain jackets are provided in inclement weather. No refund will be offered if you decline to join the program on behalf on the weather.

Tenikwa reserves the right to cancel the program in extreme weather conditions when the terrain becomes too slippery. In such cases, we will do our best to accommodate the rescheduling of your booking, or offer an alternative program or where this is not possible, offer a refund of the program price.

No Touch Policy

Animal Contact Policy

It is particularly important that our cheetahs are free to express natural behavior, and its a privilege to be so close but not to interfere with this special time of their day.

Our animal contact policy follows a strict code of ethics which is compiled to ensure that the human-wildlife experience is in keeping with the natural behavior of the animal.

There is a no touching policy enforced on this program.

Photography Policy

Guests are welcome to take photographs and video on this program. Camera bags and camera backpacks may not be taken on the program. Flash must be disabled at all times.

Guests are not allowed in front of the cheetahs to take photographs. Selfie-sticks are not allowed.  Tenikwa does not allow selfies to be taken with our cats and our cats are not posed for photographs.

Cheetah Combo

Popular Discounted Combo Package
R890.00 Per person

Guests must be 16 years and older

Guests must be 1.5 metres and taller