The Cheetah Walk & Wild Cat Combo is a popular program which combines a cheetah walk and guided tour of our centre to see the indigenous cats of South Africa and  other endangered wildlife at the centre.

Join our cheetahs for a cheetah walk either in the morning or afternoon through Cape Floral Fynbos and wooded Tsitsikamma Indigenous Forest. The walk forms part of their daily enrichment program. Only a few guests each day are privileged to join the cheetahs for this special time.

During the second part of the program, visit each of the indigenous cats of South Africa where you will learn interesting facts about each species and what is contributing to their decline in the wild. You will also gain an insight into our Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

The program includes a beverage and light refreshments.


The Sunrise Cheetah Walk Combo  departs at 07h30. Guests must be signed in by 07h15.

The Sunset Cheetah Walk Combo departs at 15h00. Guests must be signed in by 14h45.

The time of our Cheetah Walks coincides with the naturally active time of our cheetahs and is typical of natural behaviour in the wild.


The Duration is flexible depending on how far and fast the cheetahs choose to walk.

Allow 3 Hours for collection arrangements.


R890 per adult.
No persons under 16 years or 1.5 metres allowed to join the walk.


Children Policy

This program is not suitable for young children. For safety reasons, children must be 16 years and older to partake in the walk.  All persons joining the walk must be at least 1.5 metres tall.

Infants and toddlers may not be carried in backpacks by parents on the walk.

Should parents wish to do the walk but their children do not meet the height or age requirement, please contact us so that we can provide you with some alternative options.

Dress Code

For the Wild Cat Experience part of this program, there is no particular dress code but please wear comfortable clothing.  There is time to change clothing in preparation for the Cheetah Walk if necessary.

The Cheetah Walk takes place over some ground which can be uneven and slippery. All guests are required to wear long trousers which cover their ankles. Long dresses or stockings are not an acceptable substitute for long trousers. Guests will be required to change into suitable attire before proceeding with the walk.  Closed, sturdy walking shoes (tackies, sneakers, hiking boots are all suitable) are required to be worn on the Cheetah Walk. Unfortunately a refund will not be granted  if you have arrived with unsuitable clothing and are unable to go on the walk as a result.

Bags, backpacks and camera bags must be locked in your vehicle or stored in one of our lockable cabinets as they are not allowed to be taken with on the walk.

Only subscription sunglasses are allowed on the walk.

Please consider bringing a hat or cap along for sun protection because the sun can be quite hot during summer. A light windbreaker is also good to include, especially for the Sunset Cheetah Walk as it can get quite chilly once the sun goes down.

Group Size

The maximum group size for this program is 8 guests walking with 2 cheetahs or 6 guests walking with 1 cheetah. There is ample time during the walk to enjoy your experience.  If you would like to arrange an exclusive program, please contact us.

Fitness Policy

There is time to rest between the two parts of this program.

A reasonable degree of fitness is required to keep up with the cheetahs who normally do take rests during the way.  If you feel that you may not keep up, or suffer from any type of illness that affects your mobility or fitness, please let us know beforehand so that we can do our utmost to accommodate you.

No walking sticks are allowed on the cheetah walk.

For safety reasons, pregnant woman are discouraged from taking part in the cheetah walk.

Difficulty - Moderate 70%

Weather Policy

The Cheetah Walk & Wild Cat Combo program is an all weather program.  Rain jackets are provided in inclement weather. No refund will be offered if you decline to join the walk on behalf on the weather.

Tenikwa reserves the right to cancel the cheetah walk in extreme weather conditions when the terrain becomes too slippery. In such cases, we will do our best to accommodate the rescheduling of your booking, or offer an alternative program or where this is not possible, offer a refund of the Cheetah Walk portion of the program price.

No Touch Policy

Animal Contact Policy

During the walk our cheetahs are free to express natural behavior, and its a privilege to be so close but not to interfere with this special time of their day.

Our animal contact policy follows a strict code of ethics which is compiled to ensure that the human-animal encounter is in keeping with the natural behavior of the animal.

There is a no touching policy enforced on this combination program.

Photography Policy

Guests are welcome to take photographs and video on this program. Camera bags and camera backpacks may not be taken on the walk or into the enclosures. Flash must be disabled at all times.

Guests are not allowed in front of the cheetahs to take photographs during the walk. Selfie-sticks are not allowed to be taken on the walk.  Disrespectful poses with the cheetahs will not be allowed.

Cheetah Walk Combo

Popular Discounted Combo Package
R890.00 Per person

Guests must be 16 years and older

Guests must be 1.5 metres and taller

  • “Who is taking who for a walk?”

    Had a great 3 hrs here today, seeing the cats and walking the cheetahs. Having walked with elephants and lions at other locations I have struggled with the staging and felt the animals were performing a little too much to fit in with timescales and spectical. So prior to visiting Tanikwa I was a little wary of pictures of cheetahs being walked on leads like dogs.
    The good news is that here there is no set timings or routes or tricks to perform. The cheetahs walk where they want, have a sit or a lay down where they want and when they want. We went out with two cheetahs today, the male did a big circle and then doubled back on himself and the female didn’t want to double back so lay down for twenty minutes. They are totally in charge and its a great thing to be part of it. The fact that you hold a lead is to comply with the law as you go off site. You do not pull on the lead or use it as you would on a dog. We had three staff with us at all times who were very informative and ensured the wellbeing of all.
    This is all about the cats as it should be. Great day

  • “Amazing.”

    This was a highlight of our 3 weeks in southern Africa. Had a chance to walk with Cheetahs that are wild!! Mfundo Ash-Sizwe was a wonderful guide that made a terrifying experience a highlight. We were one if ,6 people that walk with Cheetahs 2 times per day to enhance their lives. The roam free we followed their lead. Amazing. Bravo to this center that rescues these animals.

    Visited May 2017
    TripAdvisor May 2017
  • “Awesome experience”

    We booked the photo combo which included the cheetah walk as well as the opportunity to go with a guide into the animal enclosures to photograph them. The whole experience was amazing. The wonderful couple who run the centre are modern day Adamsons ( of Born Free fame ). They run the awareness centre to fund their refuge and rehabilitation scheme and it is not touristy at all. The animals that the public see cannot be released into the wild because either previously they have been kept as pets or they have been born in captivity. Taking the cheetahs for a walk was the most amazing and unique experience and one that will stay with us forever.

  • “Absolutely Amazing Morning Walk with the Cheetah Duma “Thunder”

    Had the low season luxury of what turned out to be a private bush adventure. It was fantastic. Just remarkable. Spent about 90 minutes with Mthobisi, Sizwe and Patrick; 3 superbly gracious, careful, knowledgeable guides and Duma. Soon after starting the “hike”, I realized the Cheetah was walking us not the other way around. I would have never imagined in all my years I would do something that would connect me with our natural environment in such a personal way. The 3 guides deserve a lot of praise ad a raise from the owners of the Centre. They truly exhibited a lot of love and care for these wondrous animals and made my experience absolutely unforgettable. Well done guys and thanks Tenikwa!

  • “Cheetah walk combo”

    Yesterday I did the cheetah walk combo and it was a great trip. The guides Jacob, Mthobisi and Senzo did a very good job. They explained us everything about the animals and their behaviour and they told the people to follow the rules with the aim of protecting the animals. To me it is important to have centres like this to explain people how to treat nature and wild animals. I learned a lot and changed my mind about some points. Thank you for this unforgettable 3 hours of the day.

  • “Great experience”

    Went as a group of 6 for the sunset Cheetah walk. At first we were a little skeptical that maybe we had booked one of these unethical wildlife tourist traps. We were relieved when we arrived at the centre and talked to the guides about the centre and mission statement. I think the centre should publish a little more information about the great work they do with their animal hospital.
    Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered all out questions. When it came to the walk with Cheetahs, we felt very safe and they made the experience very enjoyable. One of the cheetahs was purring the whole was a great experience and we certainly have a much greater appreciation and respect for big cats.

  • “This is an absolute must-see visit!”

    Whilst perusing the “What to do in the Plettenberg area” we came across the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre. Being avid cat people, this seemed like a must-visit place, especially when we found that we could do something called a “Sunset Cheetah Walk and Wild Cat Combo”. Cheetah Walk? Tell me more. Well, it turns out that what you actually get is an hour or more spent in the company of an extremely knowledgeable ranger who actually took you into the large cages where the wild cats live, with one exception, the leopard. So you get the opportunity to be up close and personal with African cats, most of whom are on the “Species Endangered” lists, including a couple of awesome (sorry), 4 ½ month-old lion cubs, one of which will grow up to be a white lion, and his regular-coloured sister. And you end up going into this enormous cage with two cheetahs. Then, it’s back to the main building to discuss how was that for you? But what about the Cheetah Walk…..OK, we’ve reached that point, the second part of the Combo. After a short safety film, it’s a case of girding one’s loins and following the rangers……..back into the cage where the cheetahs we saw earlier live. At the ranger’s call, they trot across to have their walking harnesses fitted, the door of the cage is opened and you are given a lead…..and off they go. It is emphasised that this is their walk, not yours, so you go wherever they want to go and they want to go off into the forest. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life as you would be able to tell if you could see any of the many photos that the Rangers took with our cameras. Our walk lasted about 1½ hours which I gather is about par for the course. Eventually you end up back at their cage and bid them a very fond farewell, aware that you won’t be doing anything like this anytime soon. If you have any feeling for cats (small or big, domesticated or wild) then this is an absolute must-see visit!

  • “Worth getting up at 5.45am to do the Cheetah Walk”

    Visited Tenikwa today – did the Cheetah walk and Big Cat Experience combo. The walk in the early morning was super – watching these cats stroll through the bush was simply gorgeous. Makes you realise how beautiful they are! And scary that there are so few left.

    We then toured the facility and saw all the other cats they have; our guide, Peter, was most informative and made the experience so much better with all his knowledge.

    Would recommend to both local and foreign tourists visiting the Plettenberg Bay/ Knysna area.

  • “Amazing experience with the big cats of South Africa” 

    The staff at Tenikwa are fantastic and care greatly for each and every animal they look after. We were lucky enough to walk with the cheetahs which was a once in a lifetime experience and something I would recommend to anyone! We then had a tour around the sanctuary and were able to go in some of the cats enclosures which was fantastic. A truly amazing experience, thanks Tenikwa!

  • “Purrrrrfect Puddytats!”

    One cannot but feel so very privileged to actually take a cheetah for a walk! What an experience it was to interact with Zimbali and Chester, two of four cheetahs at Tenikwa. Joel, Patrick and Mzizi, our guides, were most competent and knowledgeable and the preservation of cheetahs was one of the many topics covered. Walking a cheetah on a leashed harness took a bit of getting used to! The best was sitting with Zimbali, scratching the scruff of her neck as her purring got louder and louder. It was so tempting to give her a hug! Note though – the rules must be adhered to at all times and if you can do that, then you are in for the experience of a lifetime.

  • “A Relaxing Tour”

    Really enjoyed our tour at Tenikwa getting very close to the wildlife we saw at Kruger. The guides were great and emphasized the work the staff does in rehabilitation and the animals working hard to attract funds.

    Animals seemed very content and felt like we helped a good cause. Learn lot about behaviors, biology and other things for many different cats.

    We did the combo tour for the morning walk where we watched short videos about what to do and not to do on walks, walked the cheetahs in pair where you patiently trot along following your cheetah. Very close being able to walk with them take pictures and pet them. Highlifht of the trip.

    Presently surprised getting into habitats with other cats which was better than expected.

    Would recommend combo if you plan on going.

  • “Extraordinary Experience with Passionate Professionals”

    First of all, Tenikwa and our tour deserves 10 points. The work being done here and what you learn is unbelievable and all the people are committed to its mission. We felt honored to be part a day at Tenikwa.

    Now regarding our tour, the walk with the the cheetah, it was over the top! Our guide Ash was so knowledgeable and caring he thought ahead of everyone’s needs, ours and the cheetah. He started by first showing us a short film explaining a few safety precautions and information about the cheetah.

    Our walk began along with his assistant Peter who worked with Ash in bringing the cheetah out in the specially enclosed area which was several acres in size. The pair worked in tandem, Peter typically ahead of the cheetah and Ash and ourselves just a few feet behind him. We walked for over an hour, sometimes we had to jog to keep up For short periods. Periodically the cheetah would just lay down and roll in the dirt to. mark his territory, or take a drink of water from a pond.

    Peter was fabulous taking our cameras from us and getting incredible photos for us in addition to the ones we took ourselves.

    There are barely any words to describe being so close to this magnificent cat.

    Later in the morning, After complimentary tea/coffee and a muffin, we toured the other big cats of Africa with Ash’s other assistant Patrick,and saw two incredible white lions, a leopard that was above our heads resting, and more beauties!

    We were very grateful to all the extpertise these gentleman shared with us during our visit. Our only regret was not having more time to have more experiences. They offer an array of great tours, all very educational. It was also good to hear the fee for the tours supports Tenikwa.

    Visited May 2017
    TripAdvisor May 2017
  • “Breathtaking…..Fantastic!!!!!!”

    This is a place every cat lover should go to once in their life. At the Tenikwa Centre, we opted to go for the Cheetah Walk early in the morning. There are are very few things and places in the world that can give you this kind of an experience. Everyone that visits SA should definitely book a slot for this.

    From the time the Cheetahs came out with their trainers till the time I left Tenikwa I was in awe. They let you get so close to the Cheetah’s, you can actually touch them. It is amazing. The trainers let you take as many pictures as you want.

    I would go back to SA just to do the Cheetah Walk again. We visited Tenikwa in the first week of March 2014

  • “Walking with cheetahs”

    My partner & I visited Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre on our recent holiday in South Africa & combined a one hour guided tour viewing at close hand the indigenous wild cats of South Africa with the unforgettable experience of walking with Thandi the Cheetah & her keepers Patrick & Msizi. To be so close to this wonderful animal & share her daily walk was a privilege, to be able to stroke & have her lick our hand while drinking from it was a memory we will always cherish. Her handlers Patrick & Msizi were very friendly & professional with our safety paramount.

  • “A wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary”

    We were offered the opportunity to visit Tenikwa at the last minute by our tour guide and when he told us we could walk with the cheetahs there was no question that we were going to do it(especially as it was our wedding anniversary).
    We did the general tour first,being allowed to go into the pens and photograph the wild cats and the servals and two of the cheetahs and then we returned to reception for our safety talk before starting our walk with 2 of the cheetahs(Chaka and Thandi)who were waiting patiently with their harnesses and leads on.
    As there we only 6 of us(a family of 4 and my husband and I)we had Chaka all to ourselves and he soon set off at a trot into the forest.Our guide was very good and when we told him we had walked with cheetahs before in Zambia he realised that we understood all about safety and that we would not do anything stupid and allowed us to walk on our own with this beautiful animal.
    We spent over an hour in the forest and then took them back to their enclosure to feed them and take some more photographs.We then went back to reception to enjoy the drinks we had ordered before leaving and had a chat with the owner.
    The experience was worth every penny especially as the money is used to fund the centre and is an anniversary we will never forget.

  • “You can’t stop smiling!”

    The walking with cheetahs is just fabulous, to be so close and watch them observing and listening the whole time is excellent. The other cats and animals are fascinating as well. Whether you agree or not with a sanctuary this is the future to save these animals and they all seemed well looked after. It gives us a chance to be up close and support their good work.

  • “Beautiful Cheetah Walk”

    OMW, there are so many words for our wonderful experience that morning. Thanks to Jacob, Msizi and Mthobisi for the great cheetah walk on that beautiful Monday morning. My heart was pounding from being scared and excited all at the same time. What a wonderful experience to walk with one of Gods beautiful creations and to be in their environment on their terms.

    Thank you Tenikwa for the work you do and the love and respect you show your family. Even though they are behind cages, they are cared for and loved and only their best at heart.

    Thank you most of all to the two beautiful cheetahs that allowed us to walk with them and hear the beautiful purr that came out of them. Awesome beautiful creatures.

    Keep up the good work Tenikwa.

  • “Unmissable and unforgettable”

    This is one of the most enjoyable things we have ever done. Forget what rumours people tell you. The cheetahs take you for a walk. They are the most beautiful and calm cats. The other cats are also very interesting. We loved it.

  • “The Most Amazing Experience”

    This is by far worth a visit above all the other ones in the Crags. We spent 3 hours with our fantastic guide, Msizi and then joined by Joel who supported us with the Cheetah walk. We were not prepared to see the variety of animals and have close encounters with them. The sanctuary does great work and they are truly a refuge for all types of animals. They mourned the loss of a sea otter that was attacked by a shark. By far, we will always savor our experience.

  • “Awesome once in a life time experience!!!”

    I booked the Sunrise Cheetah Walk and Wild Cat Combo. Our guide was Joel and we were joined by Mthobisi for the cheetah walk. Joel took us around the centre and was extremely knowledge. He clearly loves his job and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is a real asset to the centre. We learnt a lot and got to see some of the great work that is being done to help sick animals in need. They are even using penguin prosthetics! The cheetah walk was amazing. The cheetah was beautiful and it was wonderful to be so close. Throughout Joel and Mthobisi were fantastic, they took lots of photographs for us and answered all of our questions. What was really reassuring was that throughout it was constantly made clear that the walk was about the cheetahs and not about us. I did some research about this experience before I booked as I did not want to do anything that was merely exploiting animals for profit. I discovered that cheetahs in captivity need to be walked. The places are limited and carried out at times of the day to suit the cheetahs and not the tourists!

  • “Experience of a lifetime!!!”

    I have loved big cats since I was little so I had high expectations of this place. My expectations were well surpassed. If you want to learn about animal conservation and support the amazing work they do here, you MUST go.
    Our guide was Ash. He was so passionate about all the animals in the Sanctuary. Not just the cats. This is clearly not just a job for him.
    We did the wild cat experience with the cheetah walk. It was unbelievable to be so close to these truly beautiful animals.
    Was also had the privilege of chatting to Karen who provides direct support to the animals. We wish Thandi all the best in her recovery.
    The restaurant also does great food!

    Visited April 2017
  • “Fantastic experience’

    The experience of a lifetime. We did the evening cheetah walk combo, so an informative tour of the sanctuary, meeting all the big cats they have there, actually entering the enclosures with some of them followed by a sunset cheetah walk. Our guides were Msizi and Jacob, who were both incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the the big cats in their care and the need for their conservation. We were lucky enough to be the only ones on the cheetah walk, with Duma, the big male cheetah. It was incredible to be so close to a wild animal, a real privilege. Thank you very much to the centre and to Msizi and Jacob for a wonderful afternoon/evening. Highly recommended and well worth every penny.

  • “Wonderful experience with wonderful guides”

    Having visited Tenikwa on my first trip to South Africa 2 years ago, I was more than happy at the chance to visit a second time. This centre is perfect for big cat lovers and people who are conscious of the welfare of such animals, rather than only caring about getting that perfect selfie. Tenikwa really looks after their animals and the whole experience is very informative and designed to educate visitors as well as provide an enjoyable experience. We came by late afternoon for the general tour and then back the next morning for a sunrise walk with the cheetahs, which was a real highlight. Being able to walk alongside them, free of reigns or leads, and watch them behave and play as they would do, is a delight. Our guides, Mfundo, Cloud and Joel were excellent, very friendly, and knew everything there was to know about the animals. Mound in particular, as he also took us on the general tour the day before, was a truly wonderful guide.
    I would highly recommend this centre for animal lovers on any visit to the Western Cape!

    Visited March 2017
  • “Unbelievable Experience”

    Tenikwa Wildlife Centre is a unique experience. We did the Cheeta walk with our guids Mfundo, Joel and Msizi. Special thanks to this guys, who gives so much love to the animals and their job. They make time for you to answer all your questions.

    You don’t have a ‘zoo feeling’, because the animals whill raise up as natural as possible. It is definitely worth your money, and you help them to grow the rehabilitation programs of the facility.

    Thank you Tenikwa!

    Martin & Michelle (31/05/17)

  • Walk with the Cheetahs at Tenikwa”

    Our group enjoyed several hours at Tenikwa where we were provided with excellent information regarding the animals that will live out their days at the Centre. We were given clear instructions by knowledgeable and personable staff on how to ensure our safety when we were ready to walk with the cheetahs. We each had several turns at holding one of the two leashes attached to each of the cheetahs and the guides answered our many questions. The owners, Len and Mandy, explained Tenikwa’s mission is to educate; not to breed or rehabilitate. We also had the opportunity to see African wild cats, caracal and servals. What a wonderful experience it was to learn more about and walk with these magnificent, inquisitive and gorgeous cheetahs!

  • “Fantastic experience”

    The experience of a lifetime. We did the evening cheetah walk combo, so an informative tour of the sanctuary, meeting all the big cats they have there, actually entering the enclosures with some of them followed by a sunset cheetah walk. Our guides were Msizi and Jacob, who were both incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the the big cats in their care and the need for their conservation. We were lucky enough to be the only ones on the cheetah walk, with Duma, the big male cheetah. It was incredible to be so close to a wild animal, a real privilege. Thank you very much to the centre and to Msizi and Jacob for a wonderful afternoon/evening. Highly recommended and well worth every penny.

  • “Inspirational Place!!”

    Our sunset Cheetah Walk was one of the highlights of our visit to South Africa. To be up close to two majestic beautiful animals was a dream come true. The walk is all about the cheetahs as you are joining them on their walk and we felt very honoured to be part of it. There are no leads and you simply follow the cheetahs at their pace. At no time did we feel unsafe and had three wonderful guides with us – Msizi, Mfundo and Patrick, who are very knowledgable and passionate about the animals. There was plenty of photo opportunities on the walk. This is an amazing centre which is doing some much in raising awareness of conservation issues in South Africa and in rehabilitating animals. An amazing experience was had by everyone and fantastic memories were made. We hope to be back one day!!

  • “Outstanding visit”

    We loved this place so much we visited twice. First time we did the general tour which included some real up close experiences with the big cats including one of the cheetahs. It is a real pleasure to visit and see these beautiful creatures up close and personal! The staff were great, all seemed genuinely interested in animal welfare. It didn’t feel like a rip off like some places you visit. It is an extremely informative visit and still worth going to even if you are going to a game park as you are extremely unlikely to get as close as this to big cats.
    We came back early next day for the “dawn” cheetah walk, a truly special experience you are unlikely to experience in many other places, you walk with one of the guide and a cheetah on a long harness/lead, it’s an extensive walk around the site not afive minute wander. At the end we went back to fed the cheetahs their breakfast. An awesome place to visit well worth a visit, in fact don’t miss it!

  • “Tenikwa – An experience not to be missed”

    We spent a morning walking with the Cheetahs. The guides were brilliant the owners fantastic. Attention to detail and safety top class. Thank you for your wonderful work looking after our stunning cats. Will definitely recommend your establishment to everyone and when in Plett will pop in for coffee. Warm Regards Jenean and Famil