Do you enjoy wildlife photography? Utilize the early morning light to capture the magic of our wild cats, secretive and seldom seen in the wild. The Private/Photographic Tour is specially designed to provide you with ample time and opportunity to photograph the various species at the centre.

Guests who would like an exclusive, leisurely tour can also book Private/Photographic Tour in preference to The Wild Cat Experience. This program is completely private.

A No Touch Policy is implemented on this program.

The Private/Photographic Tour can also be combined with a Cheetah Walk, as the Photographic Combo to give you maximum appreciation of the animals you will encounter at Tenikwa.


Daily from 07h30 to 14h30.  Programs are available every half an hour.


This is a leisurely tour that lasts approximately 2 hours giving you ample time for your photographs and to enjoy the cats. Complimentary light refreshments are served afterwards affording you the opportunity to look through your photographs and if you require further time with a specific species, we will arrange this.


R580 per adult.


Children Policy

This program is not typically suitable for young children. For safety reasons, in certain enclosures, parents may be requested to pick their young children up, or if the guide feels that the situation is unsafe, small children will need to remain outside a particular enclosure with one parent.

There is pram access to each enclosure, but prams will have to be left outside the enclosure.

Guests must be 1.5m to be allowed into the cheetah enclosure.

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code, however long trousers are recommended. Bags, camera bags and backpacks will not be allowed to be taken into the enclosures. These can be locked in your vehicle or stored in our lockable cabinets.

All guests are required to wear shoes on tour.

Group Size

The Photographic Tour is an exclusive program.  There is no minimum or maximum group size requirement.

Fitness Policy

This program is wheelchair friendly and benches are placed along the way to rest if necessary.

Difficulty - Easy 30%

Weather Policy

The Photographic Tour is an all weather program. Rain jackets are provided in inclement weather.

No Touch Policy

Animal Contact Policy

Although the Photographic Tour allows guests to be in close proximity to the cats, a No Touching Policy is enforced on this program. Posing with the cats is not allowed. “Selfies” with the cats in the background is not allowed.

Photography Policy

This program is about taking great photographs of the cats, however please respect our photographic protocols. Flash photography is prohibited and Flashes must be disabled. The animals will not be posed, restrained in any way, or forced to behave in an unnatural way for photographs. Selfie-sticks are not allowed in the enclosures. “Selfies” with the cats in the background are not allowed. Guests may not pose with the cats. The guides may not take photographs on your behalf whilst in the enclosures. Camera Bags are to remain outside the enclosures.

The Photographic Tour

2 Hour Exclusive Program
R580.00 Per Adult
  • “Tenikwa Wildlife Reserve worth a visit”.

    We only ever visit animals that are in danger and need a good home to be looked after. We have visited an elephant nature reserve in Thailand so thought we would do Tenikwa whilst on the Garden Route. It turned out to be well worth it.
    Our guide “Ash” was excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful – thank you.
    Ash took us on our private tour of the animals and explained the job of the reserve. We spent about 90 minutes there and thoroughly enjoyed it. You get really close to the animals to see them in their environment. There is no touching of the animals allowed.
    Keep up the excellent work of informing people about endangered animals.

    Visited February 2017
  • Walk with the Cheetahs at Tenikwa”

    Our group enjoyed several hours at Tenikwa where we were provided with excellent information regarding the animals that will live out their days at the Centre. We were given clear instructions by knowledgeable and personable staff on how to ensure our safety when we were ready to walk with the cheetahs. We each had several turns at holding one of the two leashes attached to each of the cheetahs and the guides answered our many questions. The owners, Len and Mandy, explained Tenikwa’s mission is to educate; not to breed or rehabilitate. We also had the opportunity to see African wild cats, caracal and servals. What a wonderful experience it was to learn more about and walk with these magnificent, inquisitive and gorgeous cheetahs!

  • “A Relaxing Tour”

    Really enjoyed our tour at Tenikwa getting very close to the wildlife we saw at Kruger. The guides were great and emphasized the work the staff does in rehabilitation and the animals working hard to attract funds.

    Animals seemed very content and felt like we helped a good cause. Learn lot about behaviors, biology and other things for many different cats.

    We did the combo tour for the morning walk where we watched short videos about what to do and not to do on walks, walked the cheetahs in pair where you patiently trot along following your cheetah. Very close being able to walk with them take pictures and pet them. Highlifht of the trip.

    Presently surprised getting into habitats with other cats which was better than expected.

    Would recommend combo if you plan on going.

  • “Photographic Tour”

    We did the photographic tour with Joel, I would recommend it as you go into the enclosures with a guide and are able to take great photos of the cats. Joel was very knowledgeable about the cats and made the tour very enjoyable.

  • “A wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary”

    We were offered the opportunity to visit Tenikwa at the last minute by our tour guide and when he told us we could walk with the cheetahs there was no question that we were going to do it(especially as it was our wedding anniversary).
    We did the general tour first,being allowed to go into the pens and photograph the wild cats and the servals and two of the cheetahs and then we returned to reception for our safety talk before starting our walk with 2 of the cheetahs(Chaka and Thandi)who were waiting patiently with their harnesses and leads on.
    As there we only 6 of us(a family of 4 and my husband and I)we had Chaka all to ourselves and he soon set off at a trot into the forest.Our guide was very good and when we told him we had walked with cheetahs before in Zambia he realised that we understood all about safety and that we would not do anything stupid and allowed us to walk on our own with this beautiful animal.
    We spent over an hour in the forest and then took them back to their enclosure to feed them and take some more photographs.We then went back to reception to enjoy the drinks we had ordered before leaving and had a chat with the owner.
    The experience was worth every penny especially as the money is used to fund the centre and is an anniversary we will never forget.

  • “Trip Highlight!”

    Having read about the Tenikwa Wildlife Centre in the Lonely Planet Guide to South Africa, we had to visit, and were not disappointed; this is a MUST DO attraction. We booked onto a 2-hour photographic tour, with friendly and knowledgable guide Msizi, and had plenty of opportunity, 1:1, to view the big, and not so big, cats up close and personal, and to get some memorable photos to remember the trip with. A really good facility doing valuable work with rescued wildlife.

  • “Fantastic Place for Animal Lovers”

    This Wildlife Awareness Centre is absolutely Brilliant. We spent three quarters of a day there and that was not long enough. The whole set up is amazing. We did a Photographic Tour for two hours. Our ranger was excellent. His knowledge of the animals and their backgrounds was first class. His obvious love for the animals was inspiring. We had been promised great photographic opportunities and we were not disappointed. Their work with injured and orphaned animals and birds is heart lifting and some of the injuries to these poor animals brought tears to my eyes. I strongly urge every animal lover to visit this centre to appreciate exactly what they are trying to achieve. It manages to be fun and informative at the same time, not always easy to accomplish

  • “Awesome experience”

    We booked the photo combo which included the cheetah walk as well as the opportunity to go with a guide into the animal enclosures to photograph them. The whole experience was amazing. The wonderful couple who run the centre are modern day Adamsons ( of Born Free fame ). They run the awareness centre to fund their refuge and rehabilitation scheme and it is not touristy at all. The animals that the public see cannot be released into the wild because either previously they have been kept as pets or they have been born in captivity. Taking the cheetahs for a walk was the most amazing and unique experience and one that will stay with us forever.

  • “The best Big Wild Cats Sanctuary in South Africa”

    I am an avid wildlife photographer and I have visited Tenikwa many times to join the photographic tour. Tenikwa is in a class of its own. Great care is taken to ensure that the animals there are kept in enclosures which give them privacy, companionship and ample vegetation to create the feeling of “nature surrounding”. The first introduction to your tour is a short but entertaining video to give you some insight and history of the animals there. The photographic tour is wonderful. In some instances you are allowed into the enclosures (excluding the leopard and the lions) to take some more close-up shots. The guides are always good. They can tell you anything and everything about each different “big cat” you meet on your tour, be it about the species or one or two of the animals themselves. These animals are definitely not circus animals and are semi-wild. They are treated with great respect and visitors are expected to do so as well. There are also other tours such as walking with the cheetahs etc. For refreshment there is a coffee shop and for the shopper a curio shop with some wonderful items. The love and respect for the inhabitants of Tenikwa are well reflected in the manner in which they are treated, respected and revered. Many are rescue animals and all are ambassadors for their species. Wildlife awareness is emphasized and taught. Yet when leaving there one has the distinct feeling that you have really seen, and have lived an experience with the Big Cats of South Africa. I personally love Tenikwa!!!!

    TripAdvisor January 2017