Wildlife Wildcat Tour

Join us on a 1 hour guided tour to learn about the indigenous wild cats of South Africa and a tour of our wildlife centre at Plettenberg Bay.  See African Wild Cats Servals Caracals, Cheetahs, Lions and our Leopard, as well as other wildlife such as meerkats marabou storks and much, much more!

This is a unique opportunity to get close to some amazing creatures, and learn about their struggle to survive in the wild.

You will be taken into the habitats of the various cats, and where, for safety reasons, this is not possible, a walkway will give you opportunity to see and photograph the cats whilst your guide explains interesting information about the species and their role in promoting bio-diversity.

The program includes a visit to our Penguin Splash Pool where you have the opportunity to learn more about the marine conservation work that Tenikwa is involved with and a window into the Wildlife Rehabilitation work that we do.


Daily from 09h00. Tours depart every half an hour. Last tour departs 16h30.


This is a 1 Hour guided tour in a group format.


R230 per adult. R120 per child under 13 years of age.
Toddlers 4yrs and under are no charge.


Children Policy

This program is suitable for all ages. For safety reasons, In certain enclosures, parents may be requested to pick their young children up, or if the guide feels that the situation is unsafe, small children will need to remain outside a particular enclosure with one parent.

There is pram access to each enclosure, but prams will have to be left outside the enclosure.

Dress Code

For the Wild Cat Experience Tour, there is no specific dress code, so please dress comfortably and bring a hat or cap with during sunny weather. Shoes are required to be worn on tour (including children).

Bags and backpacks will not be allowed to be carried on tour, so please lock them in your vehicle beforehand or leave them in the lockable cabinet provided.

You will be asked to remove sunglasses in the cheetah enclosure. (Prescription sunglasses are allowed)

Group Size

This is a group tour.  The average group size for The Wild Cat Experience tour is 10 people. There is no minimum or maximum group size requirement.

Fitness Policy

This program is wheelchair friendly and benches are placed along the way to rest if necessary.

Difficulty - Easy 30%

Weather Policy

The Wild Cat Experience Tour is an all weather program. Rain jackets are provided in inclement weather.

No Touch Policy

Animal Contact Policy

Although the Wild Cat Experience allows guests to be in close proximity to the cats, a No Touching Policy is enforced on this tour.

Photography Policy

Guests are welcome to take photographs of the cats during the tour. Flash photography is prohibited and cameras must be set to No Flash throughout the tour for the comfort of the cats.  Posing with the cats is not allowed. “Selfies” with the cats in the background is not allowed.  As part of our safety protocols, the guides may not take photographs on your behalf whilst in the enclosures.

Wild Cat Experience

1 Hour Guided Tour
R230.00 Per Adult

Children 4-13 yrs – R120.00 Per child

Children under 4 yrs – No charge

  • “A wonderful experience”

    I recently took my two grandchildren (aged 7 and 5) to Tenikwa for the second time. They loved it so much the first time and have been begging me to take them again. I must say that they loved the experience and took in so much of what our guide was saying. Our guide was Jacob and he was excellent. His explanations suited not only the adults but could easily be understood by the children. What a wonderful experience this was for myself and my grandchildren and I am thrilled to say, they still remember a lot of what they were told. I’ve already been told that when they next visit Plettenberg Bay they want to go again.

  • “Special Day”

    This place is really special, not only does it rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned animals but also works with communities to educate them. We didn’t do the cheetah walk but still got up close to the big cats. A wonderful time and definitely worth a visit, you will learn so much.

  • “Fantastic place to visit – a must see”

    Even with a 2 year old in a stroller – this was an amazing place to visit. The premises are very well organised and our guide – Msizi – was extremely friendly and well-informed. Since we had a toddler with us we only did the minimum tour which was a guided walk around the premises for over an hour. It started with a short video and then we went onto see caracal, serval, wild cat, cheetah, 2 lion cubs and leopard as well as some other animals (penguins, an injured buck, meerkats). All but the caracals and leopard are in walk-in enclosures. And the walk through the cheetah enclosure was particularly exciting. The setup really does seem like a great rehab centre. The cats to be released are kept away from visitors and instead those in the enclosures stay on-site for education purposes and to fund rehabilitation of the others. The enclosures were all large and well setup and the animals looked very happy and in amazing condition. I would definitely recommend this visit and if you have time and the money consider the other tours and experiences that they offer.

  • “Outstanding visit”

    We loved this place so much we visited twice. First time we did the general tour which included some real up close experiences with the big cats including one of the cheetahs. It is a real pleasure to visit and see these beautiful creatures up close and personal! The staff were great, all seemed genuinely interested in animal welfare. It didn’t feel like a rip off like some places you visit. It is an extremely informative visit and still worth going to even if you are going to a game park as you are extremely unlikely to get as close as this to big cats.
    We came back early next day for the “dawn” cheetah walk, a truly special experience you are unlikely to experience in many other places, you walk with one of the guide and a cheetah on a long harness/lead, it’s an extensive walk around the site not afive minute wander. At the end we went back to fed the cheetahs their breakfast. An awesome place to visit well worth a visit, in fact don’t miss it!

  • “Cats up close”

    We had had the pleasure of doing a few safaris before coming here, but the enclosures did not dampen the experience. The staff were proud as they should be of the education and assistance they’re providing to visitors and the animals. Other cats and wildlife we did not expect to see were also there for eg. African wild cats (which look like a domestic cat). Staff were very attentive to our group. When it started to rain within minutes we were provided with ponchos. Being able to photograph baby lions up close was a real treat also. This centre is very worth a visit.

  • Close Encounter”

    Tenikwa Wildlife Reserve is a charming centre to experience African Big Cats. They also have a rehabilitation centre on site where they rehabilitate injured animals found in the Garden Route. The work the staff does is extraordinary as the amount of care given to these animals is phenominal. Our guide Peter was brilliant in that he was very knowledgeable about the animals and the conservation work going on at Tenikwa. I will definitely recommend this place as my experience getting up close to a cheetah was a once in a lifetime experience and something i will treasure for the rest of my life.

  • “Inspiring place”

    This a place where care, deep knowledge of conservation stand out: an unusually genuine place where you can be fully engaged with an ethically-centred experience of African cats and other animals.

  • “One of the highlights of our Trip”

    Great fun. We took our 9 month old daughter in a backpack on the one hour tour and she was fine – still able to take her into most of the wild cat enclosures but couldn’t take her into the cheetah enclosure ( understandably!) but I walked along the edge with her and still got great views. The guides were excellent. Very informative, educational and awe inspiring to be so close to the big cats. There are different packages available including sunset walks with the cheetahs which sounded amazing but over 16’s only! Highly recommend.

  • “Incredible experience and best guides ever!!”

    Went to the place this morning as it was on our way along the garden route. We are all from the UK and over to SA for a wedding/holiday.
    The reserve is amazing. All the animals are treated to the highest standard and the staff do so much to rescue and care for felines aiming to put them back into the wild if and when appropriate. They are very well kept in very big areas and fed as much as they need. They are clearly comfortable with people which is astonishing to see.
    Our guide was Senzo: an amazing gentleman who explained everything in plain English adapting his vast knowledge to the audience. He answered every single question with precision and professionalism. One can tell Senzo simply knows everything about his big cats, and not only that, he loves his job.
    I definitely recommend this experience. The reserve is well signalled along the route and the shortest walk is only an hour.

  • “Amazing place! Definitely worth a visit”

    On family holiday down the garden route our guide suggested we visit here to see the big cats up close and personal. It was a brilliant suggestion the staff that showed us round were very well informed and capable of answering any questions. they also clearly enjoyed there job and the work they do with the animal.
    I thoroughly suggest you visit here you wont regret it!

  • “Incredible”

    So much more than I expected. Very informative and excellent guide. We’ll worth a visit even if you intend to visit game reserves during your stay in South Africa

  • “LOVED our visit! Highly recommended!”

    We got SO much more from this visit than we originally expected! It is very well managed. My 7 year old aspiring zoologist was absolutely thrilled to meet REAL animal rescuers, and Mandy Freeman, the proprietor, spent considerable time with her. She will never forget the experience! The older kids loved visiting inside the cheetah pens, etc. Tenikwa rescues over 300 animals per year, and returns most of them to the wild after providing needed care. Their revenue is covered by visitors. The gift shop is also very nice with higher end items. We bought a nice bronze elephant statue for our coffee table; it is comforting to know that all profits from our purchases go towards running the nonprofit wildlife rescue operations. Such a special deserving place!

  • “Exceptional “wild cat” experience”

    If you are fascinated by “wild cats” including Cheetah, young Lions, a leopard and other members – then this is the place to be. Also very friendly owners and staff and a great overall experience 🙂

  • “Great experience!!”

    Great experience to visit this place, truly an awareness centre – not a zoo!
    Animals are treated very well, some wounded animals have found a home here and are well taken care of. You can truly feel the respect the staff has for all the animals here!

  • “Fantastic Wildcat experience”

    We visited the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre on recommendation from our friends. I don’t really like going to zoo’s or places where animals are kept cages, but this place is different. Here animals have large enclosures where they are able to roam about. All animals were born in captivity which makes it impossible to be released into the wild. This place takes great care of them and does an exceptional job educating people about wild cats (and a few other animals like penguins and birds). Our guide, Msizi was fantastic. He had great respect for the animals and always put them first (not allowing exploitation with photographs). He answered all our questions and took great care of us.
    We will certainly recommend it.

  • “Great experience!!”

    Great experience to visit this place, truly an awareness centre – not a zoo!
    Animals are treated very well, some wounded animals have found a home here and are well taken care of. You can truly feel the respect the staff has for all the animals here!

  • “Well worth a visit!”

    We planned to visit Birds of Eden, but stopped by Tenikwa first to see if we could book the sunset walk – no space, so we stayed for a tour of the facility. Our guide was Mthobisi and he was very informative. Only the two of us on the tour, and our arrival mid-afternoon meant we were there for feeding time. Loved seeing all of the cats (the lion cubs are adorable!) but especially the leopard. We stood directly underneath him in the little wire tunnel – amazing! We also loved seeing the cheetahs even if we didn’t get to walk with them. Don’t miss the maribou storks and the meerkats!

  • “Great experience! ”

    A very special thanks to our guide Wilfried who made our visit at Tenikwa very special. He explained so much about the project and the animals in the park and answered all questions. You are able to get very close to a cheetah and you will learn very much about the animals.

  • “Unique Non-Tourism Awareness Centre”

    A unique refuge and rehabilitation sanctuary, we were very impressed with Tenikwa, as fellow South-Africans in the Tourism industry we appreciate this great conservation project. The tour exceeded our expectations, the animals are well-kept in spacious enclosures that represent their natural habitat. Loved the different species of cats & close-up encounters with lion cubs and cheetahs. The tour guide was knowledgeable and made sure we understood that the animals were still wild animals, we did not feel intrusive at all, as these cats only experienced enclosed living, not another Zoo which was so great! Will definitely recommend to all our guests. Worth every penny!
    Would have loved to be shown the rehabilitation facility!

  • “Amazing place! Definitely worth a visit”

    On family holiday down the garden route our guide suggested we visit here to see the big cats up close and personal. It was a brilliant suggestion the staff that showed us round were very well informed and capable of answering any questions. they also clearly enjoyed there job and the work they do with the animal.
    I thoroughly suggest you visit here you wont regret it!

  • “Tenikwa Wildlife Centre, a very special place”

    Our experience was very special and we thank our guide Msizi for his knowledge and passion for the animals in their care. Many highlights including close up with two Cheetahs and lion cubs including a rare white lion. The variety of smaller African cats at Tenikwa was great and not usually seen in the big parks at Kruger! Thanks again.