An inspirational, exclusive program geared towards the animal lover who enjoys adventure in conservation. This program gives you an insight into the daily activities at Tenikwa and is designed to keep you enthralled throughout the day.

With a window into our wildlife rehabilitation facilities and interesting “behind the scenes” activities, enjoy the day with the resident animals who call Tenikwa their home.

The day is fun, it’s adventurous. Expect the Unexpected.


There are two starting times to choose from, either at 07h30 or 09h30.


The Cats in Conservation is an activity intense program.

Plan to be collected or finished by 16h30

No Touch Policy

Captive Wildlife Policy

There is a no touching policy enforced on this program.

Our animals are free to express natural behavior, and its a privilege to be so close but not to interfere with their activities.

This program involves some behind-the-scenes activities alongside our animal keeping team and a window into our rehabilitation facilities in an observation capacity. Because of this, and to avoid impact on our rehabilitation program, only one booking a day is allowed.


Children Policy

This program is not suitable for young children.  There is an age requirement of 9 years and older to join this program.

Should you be a family interested in booking the Cats in Conservation program, please contact us so that we can discuss how we can accommodate younger children.

Dress Code

During the day, you will be participating in a varied selection of programs. Please dress comfortably with protection from the sun as you will be outdoors for the bulk of the day. Certain of the activities take place over some ground which can be uneven and slippery. All guests are recommended to wear long trousers which cover their ankles for this program and closed shoes.  Comfortable walking shoes (tackies, sneakers, hiking boots) are all suitable for the day.

You will be allocated a lockable cabinet for the day where valuables, bags, backpacks and camera bags can be stored for easy access during the day.

Please consider bringing a hat or cap along for sun protection because the sun can be quite hot during summer. A light windbreaker is also good to include, as it can get quite chilly once the sun goes down.

Group Size

This is private program and there are only 2 slots available each day, one at 07h30 and one at 09h30 – one group per slot. Due to the exclusive nature of the program, a default limit of people has been set on our on-line booking system. Should you wish to book for more than two people and experience difficulties, please contact us directly.

Weather Policy

The Cats in Conservation is an all weather program and even during poor weather, there is still plenty of activities to ensure that you enjoy the day. Rain jackets are provided in inclement weather.

Tenikwa reserves the right to cancel some of the elements of the program in extreme weather conditions. In such cases, these sections of the program will be substituted with an alternative session.

Photography Policy

Guests are welcome to take photographs and video of their day at Tenikwa. Take photos of the animals, not with the animals.  Flash must be disabled at all times.  Whilst having a window into the work we do in our wildlife rehabilitation facilities, photographs of the animals under rehabilitation are not allowed.