Guest reviews on the Wild Cat Experience program at Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre in Plettenberg Bay

We booked a general tour and ended up with only 2 guests in the lead. Our guide MSIZI was incredibly nice, explained very individually and knew many details about the animals and their environment. We got very competent answers to all questions. The highlight was the meeting with a cheetah inside the fencing, which made MSIZI possible and a great experience for us. We got the work and importance of this station very well and emotionally explained and would like to thank MSIZI again. The tour is worthwhile in any case.

Date of Experience: December 2018

A Great tour with guide Msizi

An experience not to forget.The work these people do to protect and look after animals that have been ill treated or abandoned is fantastic. My wife who needs a wheelchair to get around was treated by our guide with great respect which made our visit even more enjoyable. Trips go every half hour and the one we did took 75 minutes. Bring a camera and see some wild cats that you may never see again. An unforgettable trip.

Date of Experience: February 2019

The world needs places like this

We came here once before about 18 months ago so knew it was a good place to go to see animals in a different context from a game park (Addo is the closest). Starting with an informative video about the aims and methods of the projects at Tenikwa, we were allotted a guide who then showed us around the facility. All animals are either injured, abandoned or unable to survive in the wild and the aim is to reintroduce them to their habitat in the future wherever that is a viable option.
A great way to see cheetah, leopard, serval, caracal, a rare white lion & his sister, blue crane, ground hornbills, meerkats and mongoose up close with the opportunity to ask as many questions as you have. Friendly knowledgable guides; on this trip we enjoyed Ash.

Date of Experience: February 2019

Excellent conservation project


What an incredible experience going into the cheetah and serval enclosures!! Spotted close up the 4 servals and right up close to the sleepy purring cheetah. Wow!!! Caracals, leopard and white magnificent lion with his twin sister were amazing. Lots of other animals meerkats, wart hogs, storks and blue cranes to mention just a few. Well worth the money for a brilliant tour led by an equally knowledgeable guide. A must for cat lovers!!

Date of Experience: March 2019

Brilliant experience

We took the 75 minute tour. Our guide was Ash. He was a brilliant host. We watched an introductory video and were then taken on the tour. You walk through areas where the cats are out in the open and you can get close , such as with the cheetahs. We saw the lions from an observation point. Ash was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We took some great photos and considered the whole experience well worth it and great value for money.

Date of Experience: March 2019

Amazing wildcat experience


We had a guided tour that lasted about 1 1/2 hours. We were very impressed with the guide that took us around, he was clearly very passionate about his work and eager to answer any of our questions. Well worth a visit!

Date of Experince: March 2019

Very informative visit

We have just returned from an action packed 17 days in South Africa and were both fortunate and privileged to visit Tenikwa. We were given an extremely informative and exciting tour of the centre by Mthobisi, who was clearly very committed to the preservation of the African wildlife and gave us the opportunity to go in with Servals and a Cheetah – indescribable feeling getting so close to these beautiful animals. I would urge everyone to visit the centre which not only provides important employment for dedicated local people, but offers animal protection and importantly education to preserve these creatures for future generations. Please go and see them, they need all the help we can give them and you will leave on an amazing high!

Date of Experience: November 2018

Don’t miss this one!

A key highlight of our visit on the Garden Route was Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness centre. A wonderful half day spending time with an array of wild cats including Cheetahs,Lions and Caracals. The key to bringing the whole experience alive was the very much informed and exemplary services of our guide Mthobisi who shows a deep love for the animals at the centre,with his articulate and expansive answers to our many questions. A great place for a family visit and highly recommend to travellers to the area.

Date Experienced: December 2018

Saving Wildcats

“Made a dream come teue”

We came to this park whilst heading from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. We ear marked this place and thank God we did. Arrival was easy enough and registering was hassle free. We made the last tour so there was only the two of us which made it very personal. Our guide was Sizwe and he was extremely informative and genuine. Taking us around the park he would tell us about the centre and would take pictures of us in front of the animals. When we tried to pose for a selfie, he politely but firmly told us this was not allowed and it was not a circus! At first I took slight offence as I couldn’t see the logic, but when he explained to us about the nature of the centre and the offering it gives, I actually agreed with him and my initial insult was turned into agreement. My partner has had a life time obsession with Cheetahs. We saw a party taking one for a walk, and when we asked if it was possible, we were told it would have to be booked a few days in advance for security reasons. My partner was extremely disappointed, and Sizwe could see that. As we walked past the last cheetah cage, Sizwe saw that one of his colleagues was in the cage and he said we could go in the cage as there is sufficient security. We were literally 1 metre away from the stunning animals! My partner was so overjoyed she couldn’t fight her tears of emotions- it literally made her dream come true. Sizwe is an absolute credit to the centre and the centre itself was very clean, tidy and organised. Would recommend to anyone.

Visited February 2017
TripAdvisor February 2017

“Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre”

What a humbling experience to have the opportunity to see the big cats up close. My husband and I were lucky enough to be accompanied by Mfundo, our tour guide. It was magical to witness such passion and love for the animals radiating from him. We left with changed perceptions and renewed motivation to conserve our planet and wildlife for future generations.

We would highly recommend this experience for all tourists. Truly amazing!

TripAdvisor May 2017