The Garden Route is rich in biodiversity and home to a large variety of animals, birds and marine life. For over a decade, Tenikwa has been the place to go to when you come across an injured or abandoned creature. Working closely with Cape Nature, and under veterinary supervision from Dr Brendan Tindall, our local wildlife expert, wildlife is rehabilitated and where possible, reintroduced to the wild along The Garden Route.

In all the years of doing this work, Tenikwa has relied primarily on the funds generated by visitors to our awareness centre, in order to employ the right skills and cover the costs of this specialised and expensive work, to ensure that injured animals have every chance of returning to nature.

However, without a sustainable source of funding, the prolonged impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Tourism has forced Tenikwa to retrench staff and start winding down the wildlife rehabilitation work and even to consider possible closure of the rehabilitation facilities. The absence of a generalised wildlife rehabilitation facility such as Tenikwa, to rehabilitate both marine and terrestrial species – from the most loved African Penguin, to the little Cape White-eye, would be a huge loss to The Garden Route.

Tenikwa has always been there for the wildlife, and now we are needing your help to be there for them. Now is the time to become a Friend of Tenikwa by contributing a small monthly donation. If enough people can donate a small amount each month, it will assist us to cover the essential monthly costs to keep the rehabilitation facility open. In this way, we can help them care for wildlife in need of help.

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    And that’s how easy it is to become a Friend of Tenikwa and help us to help them. We will stay in touch via a regular newsletter and social media. Thank you for your support.

    Whilst all donations are appreciated – Friends of Tenikwa who commit to a minimum of R100 per month donation will receive 2 complimentary tours at Tenikwa a year, and will go into the quarterly prize draw. Certificates are available on request for amounts over R10,000 in order to deduct the donation from your annual taxable income (subject to SARS regulations for this deduction)