Donate towards Meerkat care during CoVid


These Ex-Pets need your help

Meerkats are often considered to be good “pet” animals. This is not the case. They have highly developed social structures and need large family groups and lots of space to survive. For this reason we receive a LOT of meerkats. We currently house 15 Meerkats in family groups in large enclosures where they can dig tunnels, play and form social structures. Your donation here helps to feed our Meerkat families for the day.



The meerkats or Suricates in our Meerkat Meander have all been handed in by previous owners, or confiscated by nature authorities. These meerkats cannot be released and will remain at Tenikwa for the balance of their lives. We calculated that it costs us R40 per day to care for these meerkats during CoVid. Please help us to care for these ex-pets by donating towards their direct costs.