The Crags Recycling Swop Shop was recently established in Kurland Village to provide affordable basic every day items in exchange for recyclable waste. For Tenikwa, this is an exciting initiative in the community because it has multiple benefits, namely getting items to the poor, providing a drop-off depot for recycling and so importantly, to change people’s behaviour by putting a value on trash and pollution.
How it works:
1. People who live in Kurland Village separate their waste and hand in items that can be recycled to the recycle depot.
2. In return they receive a token value which they can “spend” in the Recycling Swop Shop. Items include for non-perishable foodstuff, school stationery items and second hand clothing.
3. The recycling depot receives money for each kg of recyclable waste that they can send to an external recycling processing plant.  They then buy basic foodstuff to stock in the Swop Shop.
4. Farms and surrounding houses in the area, can also use the recycling depot to drop off their separated waste.
5. School children and unemployed community members are encouraged to pick up waste which is scattered throughout the village and exchange it for items in the shop.  This cleans up the village from pollution and increases community pride.
6. Visitors to Tenikwa can bring needed items for the Recycling Swop Shop along in their luggage and hand them in at Tenikwa.  We will ensure that they get to the shop.

Why we support this Recycling Initiative

How you can help

If you have a little space in your luggage, the Recycle Swop Shop is in need of school stationery and basic dry rations to swop for recyclable waste from the community. Simply drop your donations off at Tenikwa and we will ensure that they get to The Recycle Swop Shop.