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The Wild Cat Experience Online Special

Book-online for the Wild Cat Experience to get this special price
Adults : R200 per person
Children 4 to 12 yrs: R100 each
Children 0 to 3 yrs: Free
Tour Duration: 60 minutes

(This rate is not commissionable)

Tenikwa Gift Voucher

Tenikwa Gift Vouchers can be redeemed for anything purchased at Tenikwa.
The mimimum vaue is R500.  They may not be redeemed for cash.

Please see terms and conditions below

Environmental Calendar 2021

Donate towards Rehabilitation and receive an Environmental Calendar
Donate a minimum of R100 towards wildlife rehabilitation and receive this beautiful Environmental Calendar for 2021. Thank you for your support!

NPO 162-728



Digital Collection of Wild Cats of South Africa

This Digital Collection supports Rehabilitation
Purchase this digital collection of Tenikwa Images and information about the wild cats of South Africa and help us with the conservation work we do.


Donate a minimum of R200 and we will email you a folder containing a wonderful collection of digital content that we have put together. (See contents below)

NPO 162-728



Wild Cats Project Aids

Wild Cat Project Aids for your school project
Are you interested in learning about wildlife or have a project to do? This handy Project Aid will provide you with fascinating facts about the Wildlife and Wild Cats of South Africa and other useful information to include in your project or home schooling. What is cool is that you will not only learn and become eco-wise but also enjoy fun games.


Donate R200 towards wildlife conservation and we will email you a folder to download (See contents below)

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Tenikwa Annual Pass

Purchase an Annual Pass for a Single Adult, Couple or Family and receive amazing benefits each time you visit.
1 Adult  R500
1 Couple R750
1 Family R1000 (2 Adults + up to 3 Children under 13 yrs of age)

Contribute to Rehabilitation Costs


Help us help them by contributing to their costs

Our rehabilitation facility currently has 11 animals requiring food, health care, medication and special treatment. Your donation here helps us to help them. Our main goal is to release these animals back into the wild in safe places, away from human interference and in a healthy condition that improves their chances of survival. Thank you for your support!


Help feed Zwe the leopard during CoVid


Donate towards his care

A firm favorite among visitors is our male Leopard, ZweLakhe, (pronounced Zwee-laa-key). He is fed daily and often we can hear him “pant-grunting” as we go about our daily business. Leopards are highly valued in illegal trade and we are very fortunate to have Zwe safe and sound with us at Tenikwa.


Fund fish for penguins


Sponsor 2 days fish for the penguins

Our penguins are a story of joy and hope. In the last three years, in conjunction with our Conservation partners, we have successfully released more than 11 batches of rehabilitated penguins with the last one being the day before lockdown!

When released they stay together and swim off into the ocean to rejoin penguin colonies along our coastline. Your donation here will buy 5kg of sardines that will contribute to the feeding costs of penguins in rehabilitation! Thank you for your support!


Donate towards Meerkat care during CoVid


These Ex-Pets need your help

Meerkats are often considered to be good “pet” animals. This is not the case. They have highly developed social structures and need large family groups and lots of space to survive. For this reason we receive a LOT of meerkats. We currently house 15 Meerkats in family groups in large enclosures where they can dig tunnels, play and form social structures. Your donation here helps to feed our Meerkat families for the day.


Support feeding Mkulu

Help Feed Mkulu

This is our king of Tenikwa, MKulu. He is a white Lion and lives at Tenikwa with his sister, Kaluma. MKulu is a resident at Tenikwa and the star of our guided tours. Lions have always captured peoples’ imaginations and he helps us to educate our guests about the plight of lions in the wild. He eats on average 4Kg of food a day. Your donation helps relieve a large part of the costs in feeding and in turn helps drive more funds to our rehab program. Thank you for your support!