A leisurely private guided tour, ideal for Wildlife Photography Enthusiasts.

Do you enjoy wildlife photography? Utilize the early morning light to capture the magic of our wild cats, secretive and seldom seen in the wild. The Private  Tour is specially designed to provide you with ample time and opportunity to photograph the various species at the centre.

A No Touch Policy is implemented on this program.

The Private Tour can be extended to include time out with the Cheetahs during their daily enrichment walk, and is booked as the Photographic Adventure, giving you maximum appreciation of the animals you will encounter at Tenikwa.


Daily from 07h30 to 14h30.  Programs are available every half an hour.


This is a leisurely tour that lasts approximately 2 hours giving you ample time for your photographs and to enjoy the cats.Should you want to return to spend more time with a specific cat, we can arrange this.


R690 per adult.


Children Policy

This program is not typically suitable for young children. For safety reasons, in certain enclosures, parents may be requested to pick their young children up, or if the guide feels that the situation is unsafe, small children will need to remain outside a particular enclosure with one parent.

There is pram access to each enclosure, but prams will have to be left outside the enclosure.

Guests must be 1.5m to be allowed into the cheetah enclosure.

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code, however long trousers are recommended. Bags, camera bags and backpacks will not be allowed to be taken into the enclosures. These can be locked in your vehicle or stored in our lockable cabinets.

All guests are required to wear shoes on tour.

Group Size

The Photographic Tour is an exclusive program.  There is no minimum or maximum group size requirement.

Fitness Policy

This program is wheelchair friendly and benches are placed along the way to rest if necessary.

Difficulty - Easy 30%

Weather Policy

The Photographic Tour is an all weather program. Rain jackets are provided in inclement weather.

No Touch Policy

Animal Contact Policy

Although the Photographic Tour allows guests to be in close proximity to the cats, a No Touching Policy is enforced on this program. Posing with the cats is not allowed. “Selfies” with the cats in the background is not allowed.

Photography Policy

This program is about taking great photographs of the cats, however please respect our photographic protocols. Take photographs of the cats not with the cats. Flash photography is prohibited and Flashes must be disabled. The animals will not be posed, restrained in any way, or forced to behave in an unnatural way for photographs. Selfie-sticks are not allowed in the enclosures. “Selfies” with the cats in the background are not allowed. Guests may not pose with the cats. The guides may not take photographs on your behalf whilst in the enclosures. Camera Bags are to remain outside the enclosures.

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