The impact of CoVid has necessitated a reduction in permanent staff members, and volunteers lend their skills and manpower to help our staff cover all the work that is necessary to keep our animals healthy and happy, as well as ensure that all wildlife in rehabilitation follow the rehabilitation protocol with the purpose of releasing them back to the wild.

Volunteers work actively alongside our staff and gain an indepth appreciation of conservation in this special area of South Africa.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, from veterinary nurses to marketing managers, all wanting to make a difference towards a better world.

Volunteers are housed in our volunteer cottage, contribute financially towards their experience and volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks. An application and selection process applies.

Penguin in rehab
Leopard enrichment
Lioness enrichment at Tenikwa
Serval enrichment with water at Tenikwa
Clearing enclosure with volunteers
Food preparation at Tenikwa

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