“Crazee Cat Day – Totally worth it!”

We did the crazee cat day and it all started off with a super delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we went on a short tour to get to know the different areas of the centre and the different animals – they have cute penguins and other animals as well! We even went on a lovely short penguin walk with Carol and another guide. After the walking around, we met up with Joel (a really funny guide) who showed us all the different cats they have at the centre, highlight was playing with the servals (with a self made toy with feathers on a stick). They have at the moment 2 lion cubs, they are absolutely adorable and i could have spent the whole day just watching them. But of course meeting up with the cheetahs was another highlight and definately a “will never forget moment”. We got served lunch, dessert and cake for tea time, everything was very delicious. Its a great place to spend some hours or the whole day, the whole staff there really cares for the animals and are really close to them. We had an amazing day with Joel and his passion for the cats and working for a brighter future for them is exemplary.