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Friends of Tenikwa donate a monthly or annual amount which helps us to cover the costs of the rehabilitation facilities.

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We appreciate all financial donations towards the cost of wildlife rehabilitation. Together we can do it.

Banking Details:


Name: Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation
and Awareness NPC
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch Code: 580105
Branch Name: 100 Grayston Drive
Account: 10012697932
Swift Code: IVESZAJJ

Donate via credit card to the value of your choice. Thank you for your support!

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Use Paypal to make a once-off donation to the value of your choice. Thank you for your support!

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Sponsor a Rehab Hospital Cage

Help us to manage our rehabilitation costs by donating a small sum of money each month through PayPal. Sponsor hospital cage in our High Care area.

Contribute a monthly donation to the value of your choice. Thank you for your support!

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Sponsor A Hospital Cage using PayPal

Sponsor Wildlife Kennel

Sponsorship Options

Buy on-line where our suppliers donate a percentage of their profits to Tenikwa

Girl in Penguin Shirt

Visit our online shop which has been set up in conjunction with The Atlas Bear. When you buy items from this store, part of the proceeds are donated to Tenikwa to help us rehabilitate wild animals and get them back to the wild where they belong.

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Zawadi offers you a special 15% discount and donates 25% to Tenikwa when you shop through this special link Zawadi Shop

Help feed one of our animals

Covid-19 Relief for wildlife button

The Covid-19 Pandemic has left us without our prime source of funding.  Despite this, a small team of dedicated staff are on-site to care for the animals of Tenikwa, and to admit wildlife in need of rehabilitation during this period until international tourism recovers.   

Any financial support, no matter how small during this trying time, would be greatly appreciated, so that we can continue being there for our wildlife.

Help Feed Duma Button during Covid-19

This is Duma. He is an older boy now going on 12 years old! He currently eats about 3kg of food a day. He has specially prepared meals, he has fresh chickens that are skinned, have hard bones removed and specially prepped for his aging requirements. Your Donation buys his food for the day. Thank you for your support!

Donate to help feed meerkats during Covid

Meerkats are often considered to be good “pet” animals. This is not the case. They have highly developed social structures and need large family groups and lots of space to survive. For this reason we receive a LOT of meerkats. Your Donation helps to feed our Meerkat families for the day.

Donate to help feed Zwe the leopard during Covid

A firm favorite among visitors is our male Leopard, ZweLakhe, (pronounced Zwee-laa-key). He is fed daily and often we can hear him “pant-grunting” as we go about our daily business. Leopards are highly valued in illegal trade and we are very fortunate to have Zwe safe and sound with us at Tenikwa. Donate now towards his care.

Consider gifting a Voucher or buy an Annual Pass

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Buy a Gift Voucher now, and redeem it when you visit Tenikwa.  Use it against any of our tours, and also against our accommodation and overnight experiences. The Gift Voucher can also be given as a present to someone special.

Tenikwa Annual Pass
Purchase an Annual Pass for a Single Adult, Couple or Family and receive amazing benefits each time you visit.
1 Adult  R500
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