“A wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary”

We were offered the opportunity to visit Tenikwa at the last minute by our tour guide and when he told us we could walk with the cheetahs there was no question that we were going to do it(especially as it was our wedding anniversary).
We did the general tour first,being allowed to go into the pens and photograph the wild cats and the servals and two of the cheetahs and then we returned to reception for our safety talk before starting our walk with 2 of the cheetahs(Chaka and Thandi)who were waiting patiently with their harnesses and leads on.
As there we only 6 of us(a family of 4 and my husband and I)we had Chaka all to ourselves and he soon set off at a trot into the forest.Our guide was very good and when we told him we had walked with cheetahs before in Zambia he realised that we understood all about safety and that we would not do anything stupid and allowed us to walk on our own with this beautiful animal.
We spent over an hour in the forest and then took them back to their enclosure to feed them and take some more photographs.We then went back to reception to enjoy the drinks we had ordered before leaving and had a chat with the owner.
The experience was worth every penny especially as the money is used to fund the centre and is an anniversary we will never forget.