“Who is taking who for a walk?”

Had a great 3 hrs here today, seeing the cats and walking the cheetahs. Having walked with elephants and lions at other locations I have struggled with the staging and felt the animals were performing a little too much to fit in with timescales and spectical. So prior to visiting Tanikwa I was a little wary of pictures of cheetahs being walked on leads like dogs.
The good news is that here there is no set timings or routes or tricks to perform. The cheetahs walk where they want, have a sit or a lay down where they want and when they want. We went out with two cheetahs today, the male did a big circle and then doubled back on himself and the female didn’t want to double back so lay down for twenty minutes. They are totally in charge and its a great thing to be part of it. The fact that you hold a lead is to comply with the law as you go off site. You do not pull on the lead or use it as you would on a dog. We had three staff with us at all times who were very informative and ensured the wellbeing of all.
This is all about the cats as it should be. Great day