“A Great Experience”

When staying in Plettenburg Bay in February 2017 we found details at our guest house of this reserve that was situated in the Craggs area just a short drive from Plettenburg Bay. We were interested in the reserve after reading about the efforts they make to rescue and recuperate wild cats and other species.

We were guided around the reserve by Peter who was both very interesting, knowledgable and passionate about the animals in his reserve. Peter guided us around and talked in depth about the cats (both large and small) and other animals he clearly enjoyed his work and seemed very dedicated to the conservation of African wildlife.

On the walk we were taken into the pen with the Servals which are not a small cat, whilst one of them hissed at me a fair bit I did not feel in danger as Peter was very cautious in how we approached, they are also used to a certain amount of human interaction. The end of the tour when we were taken in the cheetah enclosure was the highlight for me and something i will never forget, being within touching distance of such a beautiful creature is truly special.

This is a great experience and a great example of conservation and education, I would recommend a visit to anyone and if i return to the area would go back again. Make sure that you see the Meerkats too, very amusing.