Human Wildlife Conflict

A very informative and practical guide produced by CapeNature Conservation Services to assist the landowner in dealing with human wildlife conflict

Baboon Management

Baboons are highly adaptable and intelligent. Communities who collectively adopt good baboon management protocols before they experience baboon problems are more successful in co-existing in areas where Chacma Baboons range than those communities who refuse to make the changes pro-actively.

Wildlife and the law

  1. In South Africa, all wild animals that occur naturally in South Africa are protected by law and you must have a permit to keep them
  2. Even if you have a permit, you may not transport them across provinces without a special movement permit
  3. If you find an injured wild animal, you may not try to raise it yourself even if you have the intention to let it go. It must be handed in to the local nature authorities or your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre.
  4. Buying wild animals on the side of the road (to rescue them) is illegal and you are only encouraging more to be stolen from the wild
  5. If you are experiencing a problem with wild animals on your property, you may not take the law into your own hands, and must contact your local nature authorities to discuss the situation and ask for advice. You should always consider non-lethal, environmentally friendly and humane methods of deterring wild animals.