Rescue Advice Baby Wild Animal

Abandoned baby wild animals (eg caracal cubs)

Please do not attempt to raise wild animals yourself. Wild animals such as Caracals, do not make good pets. When they grow up, they become unpredictable and dangerous. Besides this, you are taking them out of the wild, and if you don’t raise them correctly, they may never have the opportunity of being able to be returned to the wild. In order for them to be able to be released and survive, they must be able to identify with and behave like their own species. Raising a wild animal in your house will just result in another sad case.

Again, truly make sure that the animal is abandoned. Pick up the animal in a towel or jersey and place it in a box lined with a towel. Close the lid or make sure the animal cannot escape. Put the camera away as taking photos with bright flash will just add to the stress it will be feeling. Bring it to the centre or to your Nature Authorities as soon as possible. Please do not give it milk, water or any food.  It can survive for several hours without eating and when this is introduced, it must be done by skilled people. Forcing it to eat or drink may cause the animal to inhale the wate/milkr into its lungs, or give it diarrhea which if it is already weak, may kill it. Do the right thing and bring it to a rehabilitation centre or your nearest vet so that it has the best chances of being returned to the wild.