Rescue Advice Injured Wildlife

Injured animal or bird on the side of the road

In this situation, it is clear that the animal needs help. The first 72 hours after the trauma is the most important time for the animal to receive the correct treatment.  If you have a towel available, put the towel or even a jersey over the bird/animal, particularly the head to prevent it biting you, and pick it up. Be very careful to protect yourself. In its pain and stress at being handled by humans, it may try to bite. Be careful bending over it, to keep your face well away from teeth and claws. Take it immediately to the nearest vet, nature authority or rehabilitation centre.

If you are too scared to pick it up in case it bites you, or you are not in a position to help further, make sure that you contact the nearest vet, animal welfare organization or nearest rehabilitation centre and clearly mark the position on the side of the road if you cannot wait,  by tying something to a nearby tree, so that some-one will be able to relocate the spot. Never attempt to give the animal water or food, this may cause complications if the animal has to be sedated for treatment.  If the animal is lying in the path of on-coming vehicles, try to move it to the side of the road to prevent further injury.

Whilst transporting, try to keep the animal/bird dark and if possible in a box or container. Try to keep the environment around it as quiet as possible to reduce stress.