Guest reviews on the Cats in Conservation full day program at Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre in Plettenberg Bay

Our hotel hostess insisted we should visit this rehab centre which we first thought wouldn’t be interesting since we had stays in Addo (3 days) and montain Zebra (2 days) national parks ahead. We were so wrong and truly happy to have visited this centre. Las, our tour guide was very informative and we learnt so much about the wild cats’ life and the centre’s rescue efforts in just a couple of hours. We got inside some cages and watched the wild cats from so close. It was unbelievable! The rescued animals live in good conditions and it seems they are well cared of. If we come to Knysna again, we will definitely book longer tours in Tenikwa.

Date of Experience: April 2019

Fabulous…not to be missed!!!

My husband and I did the Crazy Cat Day on the 21/5/18. Our guide, Sizwe Harnely was so informative and made our day so enjoyable and memorable. It made us so aware of Lion Exploitation and how they don’t turn any animal away that may need rehabilitation. All the staff made us feel so welcome, sharing how they look after these beautiful animals, and the love they all have for each animal that enters the rehabilitation centre. We were treated like royalty, and the breakfast and lunch was outstanding. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, and have such wonderful memories that I will always cherish. I would like to give a big thank you to the staff for all the care and love they give to these gorgeous animals.


During a drive down the Garden Route my wife and I took the opportunity to spend the day here on the Cats Conservation Tour. Well worth the time to see what is being done at Tenikwa to help rehabilitate a wide range of wildlife, not just cats. Boniwe did a great job showing us round the rehabilitation area and explaining how they treat injured animals that are brought to them. In many cases they take care to minimise human interaction in order that they may be re-released into the wild.
Mfundo then took us on a photographic tour of the facilities, something I had specifically asked about. For various reasons the animals viewed here could not be released but action was taken to ensure they had a chance to lead an active life rather than being stuck in a pen. We had the chance to see this with the lions. We also had the chance to enter the areas with many of the animals, though clearly not all.One of the highlights of the day was seeing one of the cheetahs on a its daily enrichment walk.

On top of the excellent tours refreshments and lunch were excellent.
Well worth a visit and great work being done here.

Date of experience: September 2018

Great day at a fantastic venue doing important work

I recently took the Cats in Conservation Tour at Tenikwa and found it to be one of the most incredible, eye opening and humbling experiences of my life.
The professionally run facilities there are run by a collection of people who not only have a deep knowledge of animals, but also a love and passion for them that makes their dedication to what they do at the center really quite humbling to witness.
We were lucky enough to see all of the big cats up close as well as take part in the enrichment program for Cheetahs which for me, as Cheetahs are my favourite wild animal, was particularly special.
At the end of the day we then took a fynbos forest walk and we had encounters with one of the Cheetahs on its daily walk/exercise and this opportunity to see the animal as close to its natural behaviour and habitat as it could be was fantastic. The efforts that go into keeping the incredible animals at Tenikwa happy whether they are there for rehabilitation or there to enjoy the rest of their lives of they cannot be released back to the wild are truly amazing.
I’d like to offer my thanks to all the staff there who made our day such a great experience, with special thanks to Charlie, Paul and Sizwe for sharing their huge knowledge and love of the animals with us.
We will certainly return again and are already counting down the days until we can!
I certainly recommend Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center to anybody wishing to open their eyes and mind the amazing animals and work that goes into their well being.
Keep up the amazing work

Date of experience: February 2019


Incredible experience

We booked a whole day Cats in Conservation at Tenikwa and had a great day. All staff was so friendly and cared a lot of ourselves. We learned so much about the animals, the work at Tenikwa and it was so exciting to be so near to the cats and other animals.
With Mfundo we hat a very gentle an competent guide who explained and showed us very much about all the cats. In Addition the experience in the ‘Hospital’ was so great. Tenikwa does very important work for wildlife animals in South Africa and gives them a good life.
The kitchen- and service staff also did a very good Job, to look after us with soft-Drinks and good meals.
Thanks to all the Tenikwa-Team and especially Mfundo!

Date of experience: March 2019


Great experience. Very informative visit

“Crazy Cat day!!”

My wife and I are animal lovers and decided to experience the crazy cat day offered at Tenikwa Wildlife center. It was truly a memorable day. You start your morning by helping the staff with any morning duties in the rehab center. We fed some rescued penguins, and spent time prepping food and feeding a 2 month old porcupine.

After that we enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast and coffee on their terrace, before meeting up with our absolutely wonderful guide Joel who we spend the rest of the day with.

The afternoon was spent visiting the many cat enclosures on the property. Joel guided us through the center viewing many of the cats (I.e the lions and leopards) from outside their enclosure, but taking us with the confines of the cheetah and Serval enclosures. We never felt unsafe as Joel guided us where to walk, where to sit, and what to do.

After a delicious afternoon lunch break (I enjoyed chicken curry and some chocolate cake), we had the amazing experience of feeding the cats. With all of these cats being wild, Joel was careful to ensure that we fed the cats from a safe distance and outside of their enclosure.

We capped the day off with a 2k walk with their beautiful male and female cheetahs. Surrounded by multiple guides, we meandered through a trail that was just off the main cheetah enclosure. This was simply a superb way to close out our day.

TripAdvisor May 2017


“The most awesome day ever!!”

This has to be one of the most amazing places to visit EVER! The Crazee Cat day is a once in lifetime opportunity to discover exactly what goes on in a conservation centre combined with the excitement of talking the Cheetahs out for a walk and having the chance to actually sit and groom them. Both Len and Mandy (the owners) always do what is right by the animals – whether it’s rehab’ing them so the animals can go back into the wild or caring for them when it would be dangerous to put them back…………Both Len & Mandy combined with all the guides and carers, especially Peter, Uncle Jacob, Tawanda, ‘Gogo Wendy’ and Cheryl the vet make this one of the best experiences you’ll ever have!! Five stars doesn’t even come close to how great this place is! X

TripAdvisor 14 February


“Crazee Cat Day – Totally worth it!”

We did the crazee cat day and it all started off with a super delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we went on a short tour to get to know the different areas of the centre and the different animals – they have cute penguins and other animals as well! We even went on a lovely short penguin walk with Carol and another guide. After the walking around, we met up with Joel (a really funny guide) who showed us all the different cats they have at the centre, highlight was playing with the servals (with a self made toy with feathers on a stick). They have at the moment 2 lion cubs, they are absolutely adorable and i could have spent the whole day just watching them. But of course meeting up with the cheetahs was another highlight and definately a “will never forget moment”. We got served lunch, dessert and cake for tea time, everything was very delicious. Its a great place to spend some hours or the whole day, the whole staff there really cares for the animals and are really close to them. We had an amazing day with Joel and his passion for the cats and working for a brighter future for them is exemplary.

TripAdvisor 15 February

“Should be on everyone’s Bucket List”

We opted to do the Crazy Cat Day (full day) and we were absolutely delighted with the experience. We started the day off taking Duma, – one of the cheetahs – for his morning walk. This was followed by a freshly prepared hot breakfast. Thereafter, we were able to interact with a large range of animals, including: six week old lion cubs; servals; caracals; penguins; an egret; a water mongoose; a honey badger; a leopard; tortoises; marabous; a springbok; blue cranes as well as a few domestic dogs and cats!

At lunchtime, we were served bobotie (a traditional South African dish), which was delicious.
I would recommend the full day experience because you learn a lot more about the animals and also get to feed some (I fed a springbok, an egret and a penguin). Our main guides were Msizi and Wendy – they were a credit to the Centre with their extensive knowledge of the various animals and their passion for their work was evident, which was true of all the guides we interacted with during the day.

TripAdvisor 20 February


“Highly educational and informative!!!”

Although we were doing the usual trip around the premises and although it was fantastically explained and choreographed by the Tourguide Wilfred, I do recommend a Full Day Package or the Cheetah Walk. It is truly fantastic to know a place such as this exists and is run and orchestrated by such passionate and good hearted bunch of people. And if you are wondering ‘why high rates’ remember what you pay for… they need every penny to do the good job they are doing at Tenikwa!

TripAdvisor 18 March