Last year we took my son on the Big Cat tour as a birthday treat whilst we were on holiday from UK. It was superb. I bought him a T shirt as a souvenir which he loved and wore all the time. This year we lost it in a beach in Ireland!
Upon contacting Tenikwa, Elzette has given the best customer service I have experienced any where in helping to replace it and posting it to him. She went hugely out of her way to arrange all this. It arrived today and we have one very very happy boy (who is now wearing the t shirt and unlikely to be taking it off any time soon!!)
Thank you soooooo much, Elzette , you really went the extra mile and I hope to thank you in person one day xx

Top class customer service

We loved our experience at Tenikwa. We took the short 1-hour tour and were guided by Ash who is clearly very knowledgeable and super friendly. His relaxed way made it fun to be so close to a cheetah and other wild cats! The leopard was especially beautiful and the cheetah purred loudly. Highly recommended!

Date of Experience: October 2019

Fun Experience

Myself and my family visited while on holiday our guide was informative and it was lovely to see the animals close up. They were all very well cares for and content.

Date of Experience: October 2019

Very pleasant day out

We have been on many safaris (Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa) and we really enjoyed our experience at the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center. Our guide Las was amazing, we learned a lot from him about the life of the animals in general and especially at Tenikwa. We came so close to the lions, leopard and cheetahs and all the other animals. We booked the 3,5 hour photo tour and it was totally worth it. We were alone with our guide and Las was so patient and we had so much time for taking great pictures. We can truly recommend a visit, its so worth it. Thank you to everyone at Tenikwa‘s for making this a special day for us!

Date of Experience: October 2019

Amazing Experience

Our guide the amazing Lars really gave us value for entry. Knowledgeable, friendly and good at interacting with the various animals we met, some very close. Nothing clapping, but really close to their enclosures. However, this did not apply to leopards, lions and cheetahs. However, Lars went in to the cheetah and fed it because adults are not on their menu. Educational and interesting.

Date of Experience: November 2019

Wonderful Experience

the guided tour was very enjoyable, we were a small group of seven people, the guide was knowledgeable and very friendly and we were able to see many African cats and other wildlife at close range. There is as well a nice little cafe and a shop on site.

wonderful experience to see African wild cats

Great place! We learned a lot from our guide and enjoyed the tour. The kids were very excited 😊 Lions, cheetahs, leopard, CaraCals and even surikatas!

Date Experienced : September 2019

Great Visit

We were fortunate enough to have a private tour with a very friendly and witty guide. The visit of the leopard and the servals was our highlight. The animals have attractively large enclosures and make both externally and psychologically a very good impression. For all those who would like to do something good with their visit.

Date of Experience: October 2019

Beautiful experience

We loved our experience at Tenikwa. We took the short 1-hour tour and were guided by Ash who is clearly very knowledgeable and super friendly. His relaxed way made it fun to be so close to a cheetah and other wild cats! The leopard was especially beautiful and the cheetah purred loudly. Highly recommended!

Date of Experience: September 2019

Fun Experience

We only had two days on the Garden Route between Port Elizabeth and Knysna and this was definitely a highlight.

Aware that so many “sanctuaries” are not true rescues or sanctuaries, we were wary going in. I am delighted to review that Tenikwa is truly legitimate and one of the most amazing animal sanctuaries I’ve ever been to. The sanctuary has two primary missions. The first is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release back into the wild wildlife ranging from birds and sea mammals to turtles, warthogs, meerkats, and wild cats. Human interaction is forbidden with these animals so that they can be released back into the wild. This part of the centre is not visible by visitors and I respect that immensely. One thing we’ve learned is that wildlife that is exposed to humans cannot be successfully released back into the wild so I was excited and encouraged that places like this truly exist.

The 2nd mission is to educate the public on threatened, endangered, and at-risk wildlife by exposing visitors to a wide-range of animals that permanently live at the centre and therefore exposure to humans does not put them at risk.

We chose the private guide for a more intimate tour. Our guide was Mthobisi and he was fantastic! The tour lasted about 2 hours and included a light lunch at the end. The tour started with meerkats and warthogs and progressed to African penguins and several large bird species before moving on to the cats, which are the highlight. It was a cool and cloudy day so we almost had the place to ourselves and because of the cool, cloudy weather, the animals were active and very visible, except for the African Cat, it was a bit more elusive a lot like a house cat. The caracals and servals were very active (about 6 each) and we actually entered the enclosure to the servals for a more up-close encounter (again, I must stress that touching is prohibited, which is actually a very good thing).

Up next was a leopard and he was stunning. The white lion and lioness were perched on the top of a knob, at first sleeping, and then attentive to our presence. Finally, the cheetah came running to the fence line, pacing and purring so loud it could be heard up to 25 feet away. She was within inches of us and an absolute gorgeous creature (again no touching!).

The centre is a true sanctuary that rescues and releases hundreds of wildlife each year back to the wild or permanently houses. Be aware that some “sanctuaries” are actually breeding centers for sale to private hunters so do your research whenever booking these. Also, touching encounters are generally bad and should not be supported but there are exceptions – again do your research to ensure support of ethical centers.

Tenikwa staff is very friendly and the guides are amazingly informed. Oh! and the pet cat in the reception is quite special and adorable. If you are looking for an intimate experience with African wildlife within an ethical and responsible rescue, then this is the place for you!

Absolutely recommend this place and I promise you will not be disappointed. Please support their awesome mission.

Date Experienced: May 2019

Initimate, Awesome and Ethical Wildlife Sanctuary