We visited as a family group of seven while travelling the Garden Route. Since we had our grandsons (9 and13) with us we decided to do the EcoKidz Family Challenge. We were fortunate to have Sizwe as our guide, and he gave us so much time and attention in talking both about the animals and the work of Tenikwa. Sizwe’s attachment to the animals and to conservation was very apparent. The boys loved making their pledges at the end of the tour, and were very happy to have Sizwe get them to work through their books at the end too. What was really special was that after chatting with the Operations Manager, and explaining the family’s connection to animals, he so kindly invited the boys to a private tour of the rehab centre, which they found extremely interesting and which was greatly appreciated. So, thank you Sizwe and all at Tenikwa. You’re doing a great job and made our family really happy.

Date of Experience: 25 April 2019