Guest reviews on the Wild Cat Experience program at Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre in Plettenberg Bay

“A Great Experience”

When staying in Plettenburg Bay in February 2017 we found details at our guest house of this reserve that was situated in the Craggs area just a short drive from Plettenburg Bay. We were interested in the reserve after reading about the efforts they make to rescue and recuperate wild cats and other species.

We were guided around the reserve by Peter who was both very interesting, knowledgable and passionate about the animals in his reserve. Peter guided us around and talked in depth about the cats (both large and small) and other animals he clearly enjoyed his work and seemed very dedicated to the conservation of African wildlife.

On the walk we were taken into the pen with the Servals which are not a small cat, whilst one of them hissed at me a fair bit I did not feel in danger as Peter was very cautious in how we approached, they are also used to a certain amount of human interaction. The end of the tour when we were taken in the cheetah enclosure was the highlight for me and something i will never forget, being within touching distance of such a beautiful creature is truly special.

This is a great experience and a great example of conservation and education, I would recommend a visit to anyone and if i return to the area would go back again. Make sure that you see the Meerkats too, very amusing.

TripAdvisor February 2017

“Close Encounter with Wild Animals ”

We enjoyed our visit to Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre where we were made aware of how some of the sick or injured wild animals were rescued, rehabilitated and then released back to the wild.

It was an enriching tour as well as a thrilling one as we came up close to see African storks, blue cranes, Caracals, servals, meerkats, leopards, lions and even went with the guide into an enclosure where 2 cheetahs were. What an awesome experience! I highly recommend this tour!

TripAdvisor June 2017

“Fantastic place to visit – a must see”

Even with a 2 year old in a stroller – this was an amazing place to visit. The premises are very well organised and our guide – Msizi – was extremely friendly and well-informed. Since we had a toddler with us we only did the minimum tour which was a guided walk around the premises for over an hour. It started with a short video and then we went onto see caracal, serval, wild cat, cheetah, 2 lion cubs and leopard as well as some other animals (penguins, an injured buck, meerkats). All but the caracals and leopard are in walk-in enclosures. And the walk through the cheetah enclosure was particularly exciting. The setup really does seem like a great rehab centre. The cats to be released are kept away from visitors and instead those in the enclosures stay on-site for education purposes and to fund rehabilitation of the others. The enclosures were all large and well setup and the animals looked very happy and in amazing condition. I would definitely recommend this visit and if you have time and the money consider the other tours and experiences that they offer.

TripAdvisor 12 March

“One of the highlights of our Trip”

Great fun. We took our 9 month old daughter in a backpack on the one hour tour and she was fine – still able to take her into most of the wild cat enclosures but couldn’t take her into the cheetah enclosure ( understandably!) but I walked along the edge with her and still got great views. The guides were excellent. Very informative, educational and awe inspiring to be so close to the big cats. There are different packages available including sunset walks with the cheetahs which sounded amazing but over 16’s only! Highly recommend.

TripAdvisor 18th March

“Well worth a visit!”

We planned to visit Birds of Eden, but stopped by Tenikwa first to see if we could book the sunset walk – no space, so we stayed for a tour of the facility. Our guide was Mthobisi and he was very informative. Only the two of us on the tour, and our arrival mid-afternoon meant we were there for feeding time. Loved seeing all of the cats (the lion cubs are adorable!) but especially the leopard. We stood directly underneath him in the little wire tunnel – amazing! We also loved seeing the cheetahs even if we didn’t get to walk with them. Don’t miss the maribou storks and the meerkats!

TripAdvisor 7th April

“Fantastic Wildcat experience”

We visited the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre on recommendation from our friends. I don’t really like going to zoo’s or places where animals are kept cages, but this place is different. Here animals have large enclosures where they are able to roam about. All animals were born in captivity which makes it impossible to be released into the wild. This place takes great care of them and does an exceptional job educating people about wild cats (and a few other animals like penguins and birds). Our guide, Msizi was fantastic. He had great respect for the animals and always put them first (not allowing exploitation with photographs). He answered all our questions and took great care of us.
We will certainly recommend it.

TripAdvisor 13th May

“Tenikwa Wildlife Centre, a very special place”

Our experience was very special and we thank our guide Msizi for his knowledge and passion for the animals in their care. Many highlights including close up with two Cheetahs and lion cubs including a rare white lion. The variety of smaller African cats at Tenikwa was great and not usually seen in the big parks at Kruger! Thanks again.

TripAdvisor 24 March

“Exceptional “wild cat” experience”

If you are fascinated by “wild cats” including Cheetah, young Lions, a leopard and other members – then this is the place to be. Also very friendly owners and staff and a great overall experience 🙂

TripAdvisor 26 March

“A wonderful experience”

I recently took my two grandchildren (aged 7 and 5) to Tenikwa for the second time. They loved it so much the first time and have been begging me to take them again. I must say that they loved the experience and took in so much of what our guide was saying. Our guide was Jacob and he was excellent. His explanations suited not only the adults but could easily be understood by the children. What a wonderful experience this was for myself and my grandchildren and I am thrilled to say, they still remember a lot of what they were told. I’ve already been told that when they next visit Plettenberg Bay they want to go again.

TripAdvisor 28 April

“Outstanding visit”

We loved this place so much we visited twice. First time we did the general tour which included some real up close experiences with the big cats including one of the cheetahs. It is a real pleasure to visit and see these beautiful creatures up close and personal! The staff were great, all seemed genuinely interested in animal welfare. It didn’t feel like a rip off like some places you visit. It is an extremely informative visit and still worth going to even if you are going to a game park as you are extremely unlikely to get as close as this to big cats.
We came back early next day for the “dawn” cheetah walk, a truly special experience you are unlikely to experience in many other places, you walk with one of the guide and a cheetah on a long harness/lead, it’s an extensive walk around the site not afive minute wander. At the end we went back to fed the cheetahs their breakfast. An awesome place to visit well worth a visit, in fact don’t miss it!

TripAdvisor 11 August