This year’s Earth Day (22 April 2018) theme is based on the plastic pollution issue. Plastics have grown to be a major problem across the world. It is high time the whole world wakes up to the damage that plastics cause to the environment.

Plastics are not generally biodegradable and hence they affect the environment for a very long time. It poisons or injures marine life,  litters beaches clogs our waste streams and the accumulation of plastics creates diseases as they can hold moisture in them for a long time, hence creating breeding grounds for bacteria and germs if not properly disposed.

Recycling of plastics bags or plastic bottles is not enough as the accumulation of plastic waste across the world has rose to alarming numbers and there is an urgent need to do away with them once and for all. International communities need to make a global decision to encourage all national governments to come with biodegradable alternatives or use the biodegradable alternatives that are already being used by some. Ingested plastics and entanglement in plastic products is killing animals throughout the world at a shocking rate that is about to surpass the natural death.

Help End Plastic Pollution by finding out how many plastic items you use
each year and make a commitment
 to reduce the amount.

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Plastic Ocean

Insight to the effect of the Marine plastic accumulation