Celebrating Heritage Day today proudly at Tenikwa. Not only did we take the advantage to dress up on this day but more importantly we are sharing our cultures, our diversity of beliefs and different traditions with our guests for the day.

For us, it is about sharing the importance of this public holiday and what is means to us as South Africans –  the understanding of its history, identity and the diveristy of its people.

Cultural heritage is an expression of a way of life , developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, therefore we believe it is utterly important for each individual to understand where this day had come from .

Our guest’s appreciate the effort that each of Tenikwa’s staff members put in to making this day so special. They are all amazed and stunned, and enjoying the MilkTart served at Chesters. It is priceless seeing the warm smiles on their faces after seeing our diverse dress up team : IsiZulu ; IsiXhosa and the “Boer.”