Tenikwa offers a selection of conservation-based wildlife related tours. The income generated from tours fund the conservation work that Tenikwa does. Activities cater for all ages and interest levels from family travel looking for an educational nature experience to couples looking for a more indepth view of the conservation work that Tenikwa does.

Wild Cat Experience Tour at Tenikwa

The Wild Cat Experience

Join a guided tour to learn about the indigenous wild cats of South Africa. See African Wild Cats, Servals, Caracals, Cheetahs, Lions and our Leopard as well as other local wildlife such as meerkats, marabous and much much more!

Ecokidz Family Challenge Program at Tenikwa

EcoKidz Family Challenge

This fun-filled family experience is ideal for families with children between the ages of 6-12 years. Learn about the indigenous cats of South Africa and local wildlife in an upbeat and engaging program that includes educational booklet and a certificate for each participating child.

The Private Tour at Tenikwa

The Private Tour

This relaxed and leisurely program is designed to offer ample time and opportunity to experience and photograph  the various indigenous Wild Cats in a natural setting. A 2 hour privately guided tour.

Forest and Fur Combo tour at Tenikwa

Forest and Fur Combo

Enjoy a relaxing walk through our private indigenous forest reserve where towering Yellowwoods bear testament to the historical logging days. The walk culminates in a tasty picnic, and is followed by a guided wildlife tour

Cats in Conservation Full Day program at Tenikwa

Cats in Conservation

An inspirational full day exclusive program to experience the full extent of Tenikwa with insight into the rehabilitation facilities and a day spent with the resident cats and wildlife that call Tenikwa home. Includes breakfast,  lunch and refreshments. Expect the Unexpected!