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Today we honor, World Rivers Day, observed on every last Sunday of September, established since 2005.

The idea of today is to honor and celebrate the reminding and  importance of the impact that waterways serve to our everyday lives , aiming to highlight how valuable rivers are to our biodiversity, and to help increase the public’s awareness of how they can help.

Why is it important to protect our rivers against pollution ?

Our rivers are the roots that drive the water-food-energy nexus.

Water is needed for almost all forms of energy production and power generation, the energy is essential to treat and transport water, both needed to produce food.

The complex between the relationships of these lightly linked systems are known as the water-energy-food nexus.

Protect water pollution for the risk of the Nature and your own !

Lets be clear, the pollution problem we are in today are caused by people, and people are  the ones able to change and solve this. We already have many of the tools and technologies that we need to address this problem. The key is for each of us as individuals to start working towards a solution.


Doing SOMETHING is better that doing NOTHING !


Here are a few of the basic ways to start getting involved immediately:

  • Clean up beaches and water ways around you.
  • Recycle
  • Avoid plastic when possible
  • Effective oil management to prevent oil spills
  • Safe and proper disposal of chemicals


See below for more ideas to help save a waterway near you :

“Rivers are the arteries of our planet; they are lifelines in the truest sense.”
~ Mark Angelo