Posts and Articles about Tenikwa’s Community and Social Development activities

Keurboom Tree and Moth

What does the Keurboom Moth Tree and Church have in common

The Keurboom tree is known as a pioneer species, critical to the regeneration of the indigenous Forest that this area is known for. When land is damaged, fynbos quickly covers the bare earth. Soon little Keurboom seedlings sprout, and eventually dominate an area. Through the protection that the Keurbooms offers, the more fragile forest seedlings…

Interactive question and answer session

Come see our Wildcats and help us to help your school

”Come see our wild cats and help us to help your school” , is a campaign that was launched on the 13th of July 2019 at Plettenberg Primary School with the core objective of trying to instill empathy towards wildlife in children through discounting conservation based tours. Our mantra is ,” take care of the…

Tenikwa social responsibility project

15 September 2017 As part of their social responsibility initiatives,  Tenikwa staff visited The Kurland Edu-Centre this morning with some gifts for the young ones. Lee-Marque Jansen tells how much this small gesture was appreciated and enjoyed by the pupils immediately. Tenikwa looks forward to building a fruitful relationship with the Creche/Edu-Centre under the governing of Principal…

Born in Africa Kidz are now EcoKidz

Born in Africa is one of those dedicated Non Profit Organisations fighting the imbalances in the societies of the world.  They are very active in socio-economically disadvantaged areas around Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Focusing on educating children and giving them that chance to learn as much as possible about the world around them, by creating a platform that they would not have been possible in their socio-level status.