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Keurboom Tree and Moth

What does the Keurboom Moth Tree and Church have in common

The Keurboom tree is known as a pioneer species, critical to the regeneration of the indigenous Forest that this area is known for. When land is damaged, fynbos quickly covers the bare earth. Soon little Keurboom seedlings sprout, and eventually dominate an area. Through the protection that the Keurbooms offers, the more fragile forest seedlings…

Interactive question and answer session

Come see our Wildcats and help us to help your school

”Come see our wild cats and help us to help your school” , is a campaign that was launched on the 13th of July 2019 at Plettenberg Primary School with the core objective of trying to instill empathy towards wildlife in children through discounting conservation based tours. Our mantra is ,” take care of the…

The Hidden experiences of the Garden Route

It hosts over 300 species of birds in it and about 85 mammal species. The Garden Route stretch is 300km long, from Mossel Bay in Western Cape to Storms River in the Eastern Cape. It is the gemstone of South Africa, with beautiful landscapes, Mountain passes, ever Green Forests, beautiful beaches and Bays decorating the whole stretch of the Garden Route. It is quite a marvellous experience for many travellers exploring through the Garden Route especially for Free Independent Travellers (FIT)s. The Garden Route hosts a number of guests coming from different parts of the world every year.