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Exploration of the bio diverse community of The Crags can be done best on a horse back trail. These gentle giants move with the perfect pace, giving you the opportunity to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the diverse flora and fauna in the area.

Over 33 horses at Hog Hollow have been rescued from neglect and abuse. These horses are not only giants in stature but also on overcoming harsh circumstances. Each one of them has a story to tell and from these you can decide which one you have bonded with. Breed, age, color, height and posture differ, making each of the horses suite your criteria when choosing a perfect horse for the  adventure trail.

The need to give adventure seekers a unique experience that integrates the therapeutic force of nature was fulfilled. A meandering trail was cleared making sure endangered plant species were conserved. A ride along this trail captures ones ear as several birds can be heard. You might be lucky enough to identify the rarely seen species of the forests and the fynbos.

At the end of this calm nature trail experience another one is yet to come. Tether your gentle giants at the forest edge and start your wildlife tour at Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation. Similarly, the wild cats here have also been rescued, each of the animals being an ambassador of their species in the wild. Here, awareness is raised and conservation issues are discussed as you enjoy photographing and observing the animals up close and in natural settings.

Book in any day from 9am in the morning and get to enjoy this unforgettable trail on gentle giants in The Crags. Other trails connect with wine farms known for the amazing wines and delicious food platters. Knowledgeable guides will gladly inform you about what you need to know about this gem in the Garden Route.